Top 5 Christmas destinations for your winter holidays

Top 5 Christmas destinations for your winter holidays

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Top 5 Christmas destinations for your winter holidays

Its December again, and winter holidays are here with us. It is time to travel, celebrate and enjoy life. It is an opportunity that comes once in a year and thus should be properly utilised. Some people spend it by having family gatherings and meeting friends while others prefer taking hikes around the globe. Check out my Top 5 Christmas destinations for you winter holidays.

Top 5 Christmas destinations for your winter holidays

Hiking is considered a better alternative to the decade-old tradition of enjoying Christmas at home. This is also the time when top destination resorts bedeck their check-in points in readiness for hosting travellers. If you are seeking for an escape winter destination, here are the top five Christmas vacation ideas that any serious backpacker can consider.

1. Quebec City – Top 5 Christmas destinations for your winter holidays

This has been and is still one of the most favourite winter holidays destination for people from across the world. It is a city with narrow streets made with cobblestones. The city experiences snowfall during winter season making it a site to behold.

Those who spend their nights out find the appeal to light the fire very tempting. What about those who love hiking? The city has perfect hiking places in the Kaikoura rain forest or at the Kaikoura water bay, which is also a home to diverse marine creatures – fur seals, pilot and sperm whales, and dusky dolphins. If you want to cruise closer to them, all you need is a boat and muster some courage to rock it through.

Top 5 Christmas destinations for your winter holidays - Quebec

2. Ozark Highlands, Arkansas – Top 5 Christmas destinations for your winter holidays

If you want perfect Christmas getaways, think of Ozark Highlands. There, you will see beautiful ridge lines and get to climb mountains which are as high as 2,380ft. You will find that the said mountains are flat-topped and are littered with ponds, creeks and forest coverage with trees like pawpaw gloves, red ciders, and white oaks.

During summer, water springs dry up, but the level of humidity increases making it not the ideal time for hiking. However, if you try winter, you will enjoy yourself as the nights are colder and daytime temperature is about 50 degrees. As you embark on your journey, you can stock yourself at Fayetteville which is not too far from the place.

3. Black Canyon Trail – Top 5 Christmas destinations for your winter holidays

This amazing trail is in Arizona and has been a favourite destination for most backpackers since time immemorial. In the past, it was used by Native Americans as a trading route but later evolved into a stagecoach path before it was once again changed into livestock road. Its evolution process never stopped here as in 2008 it was changed again by the Bureau of Land management into a National recreational trail.

The place offers scenery ideal for bikers and cyclists on Christmas vacation as there is no strong wind blowing across. There is also nearby towns – Phoenix and Prescott where you can stock up before proceeding, and there are several nice hotels around to accommodate you at night. Even though the place is warm and has a good atmosphere for riding, people are strongly advised to wear a long pair of trousers and strong boots as there are several rattlesnakes.

4. Nepal – Top 5 Christmas destinations for your winter holidays

If you want to enjoy some refreshing calm breeze, Nepal is the place to be thanks to its natural scenery. This is not to mean that the place does not have its fair share of hotels and the towns’ fan-fair activities.

Nepal is preferred due to its tall mountains that can only rival the Himalayas. The most common and attractive places are the Everest base and Annapurnas camps. On the way there you will find several cozy guesthouses which make the site even more attractive, and once you get to the camps, you will get several activities to sample out: kayaking, bungee jumping, paragliding and mountain biking.

Top 5 Christmas destinations for your winter holidays - Nepal

5. New Zealand – Top 5 Christmas destinations for your winter holidays

The place is known for its jaw-dropping natural landscapes that are suitable for winter vacation. Wherever you turn, you will see glaciers, lakes, fiords, mountains, beaches and sub-tropical forests.

Backpackers who frequent the place mostly visit Franz Josef Glacier, Milford Sound, Lake Wanaka, Rotorua geothermal. They also get an opportunity to visit Maori cultural centre. Besides, there are some nice hotels to check in, and the roads are accessible.

There could be other ideal Christmas holiday destinations suitable for backpackers one can explore, but in the meantime, these are the best.

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