The Best Christmas Fairs in Europe

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The Best Christmas Fairs in Europe

November 22, 2017 0 Comments

The Best Christmas Fairs in Europe – by Nicole Cowart

We are really pleased to welcome our latest guest blogger Nicole who is writing about The Best Christmas Fairs in Europe.

Nicole Cowart is an essay writer for

This woman knows everything about Christmas in Europe and can recommend most exciting attractions.

Nicole loves travelling: she has already visited 26 countries. Nicole is very inspiring and motivating person. She is fun and enthusiastic. Nicole’s motto is “Dream the impossible, seek the unknown.”

Over to you Nicole, get the vin chaud on and you go girl!

Time of Christmas fairs in Europe is approaching. Big and small, they promise fun, festive treats, music and much more.

If you are planning a winter family trip to Europe on Christmas holidays, take a look at our tips, which will help you decide where to go to feel the spirit of Christmas.

1. Strasbourg, Capitale de Noel – The Best Christmas Fairs in Europe

christmas market - The Best Christmas Fairs in Europe

The very first Christmas market was held in Strasbourg.

Of course, it was nothing like modern one because it took place in the distant 1570 and was called “Christkindelsmärik” (the market of the Baby Jesus).

Since then, Strasbourg has successfully been called the capital of Christmas.

Come to Strasbourg and enjoy family time and atmospheric Alsace celebration.

2. Aachen – The Best Christmas Fairs in Europe

Every year before Christmas, the squares and streets around the cathedral and the town hall of Aachen turn into a huge light spot.

Bright colours, festive lights, carols and tempting smells come from all sides. Every year local cottages are decorated with great respect for local architectural style, so that they look organically in the city.

A huge choice of unusual gifts will please every taste.

3. Vienna – The Best Christmas Fairs in Europe

During the traditional Viennese celebrations, the Town Hall Square turns into a sparkling fairy-tale land.

Children will be especially excited with fascinating carousels, live music performances and fun crafts in the Baby Jesus Workshop.

4. Nuremberg – The Best Christmas Fairs in Europe

Nuremberg’s market can show how real celebration should look like! Racy smell of mulled wine and rum punch, loud crunch of roasted almonds and mouth-watering scent of Nuremberg sausages will make you feel real festive atmosphere.

The Nuremberg Christmas market is more than 350 years old, and yet it has preserved its traditions.

5. Lille – The Best Christmas Fairs in Europe

Atmospheric fair is held in the heart of the city in the area of the Palace of Riour. Lille is perfect destinations for Christmas market trips.

Theatrical performances, fairy tales stories will grasp attention of your children. Youngest kids will enjoy countless variations of treats and sweets.

Pere Noel, the local Santa Claus, will be eager to take photo with every fair visitor.

6. Dresden – The Best Christmas Fairs in Europe

Lights of festoons, glowing stars, sparkling eyes of children, fragrance of gingerbread and mulled wine, carols – the oldest Christmas market in Germany can guarantee you all that.

Striezelmarkt will impress you with candle pyramids and wooden ornaments. Don’t miss your chance to buy famous nutcracker for a souvenir.

7. Brussels – The Best Christmas Fairs in Europe

More than 240 chalets, selling local delicacies, hot drinks, toys and decorations on the main Christmas market of Brussels.

Carousel, glowing with hundreds of lights, is placed in the heart of the market.

Next to the old Ferris wheel, you can find sledging area, crafts workshops and even dinosaur sculptures made from ice.

All this Christmas abundance will be open for townspeople and tourists until January 3.

8. Bolzano – The Best Christmas Fairs in Europe

Bolzano is a very picturesque town on the border with Austria and Switzerland. In this atmospheric rural place Christkindlmarkt fair, which gathers all the authentic Italian traditions, is held.

Here you will come across wooden shelves filled with gifts and souvenirs, delicious pizza and famous mulled wine prepared in the traditional way.

9. Manchester – The Best Christmas Fairs in Europe

Christmas market Manchester - The Best Christmas Fairs in Europe

Christmas Market in Manchester is considered one of the most famous and brightest in the whole world.

Based in Albert Square, the market have a lot of attractions and offers to tempt you – from handmade jewellery, amber leather bags to Belgian dishes and bonsai trees.

Ice rink located in Cathedral Gardens is a must visit in Manchester.

10. Prague – The Best Christmas Fairs in Europe

christmas market prague - The Best Christmas Fairs in Europe

At the Prague fair you can find everything: straw and wooden dolls, garlands, festoons and toys, puppets, crocheted items, candles made from honeycombs – there are gifts and souvenirs for every taste.

Scent of mulled wine, traditional Czech “trdlo”, grilled sausages and roasted chestnuts is in the air. Old Town Square is where open performances and spectacular shows take place.

No one will be deprived of Christmas music in Prague!

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