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Iceland's Beautiful aurora borealis - Top 10 Bucket List Destinations

My Top 10 Bucket list destinations

February 21, 2017 0 Comments

Top 10 Bucket List Destinations.

There is something exciting about a bucket list and over the years I have seen all sorts of things included.

I took a slightly different approach and created my top 10 bucket list destinations and am drafting my top 10 bucket list activities. Some of these cross over but that’s ok as somethings you can only do in a certain place!

This way I get to go to the places I want (well at least aspire to do so) and then when I get there I know what kind of activities I want to do (Or hope to do at some point).

Bucket lists are pretty awesome as they can be on-going, each time you cross something off you can add something new.

I find it useful to add the completed bucket list items to a done list as a reminder of those awesome things you have done, some of which my will have forgotten and some you wonder how you could ever have done them!

On to my top 10 bucket list destinations.

Destination 1 – Easter Island

Easter Island Statues - Top 10 Bucket List Destinations

This place had to be number 1 in my top 10 bucket list destinations. I have wanted to go here for AGES!

Easter island is a pretty tough place to get to and because of that isnt that cheap to get to either.

That hasn’t put me off though it is a great extension to a trip once planned but never ventured.

My plan was to go to Mexico, Chilli, The Galapagos Islands, Easter island and then back via Argentina, take a couple of months out and get it done but situations changed and I never made it. The year I wanted to go would have seen a rare sight with the sun being eclipsed by the moon throwing an eerie darkness over the island which would have been awesome!

It is those huge, crazy statues caked in mystery looking out to sea to greet anybody passing by that really has something appealing about it, learning more about the meaning, the mystery and the legends whould be fantastic and this is why it is top of my list.

Galapagos islands - Top 10 Bucket List Destinations

Destination 2 – The Galapagos

Another instant add to my top 10 bucket list destinations. This is an amazing island boasting a huge abundance of unique natural wildlife species.

As a result the island is heavily protected, access to most of the island is limited, it is going to be expensive to be there and it is not that easy to get to either.

All of the above just make me more determined to get there and this is my stepping stone to Easter Island, they go hand in hand for me in my awesome one day to be completed trip!!

I have watched programs, I have looked at pictures and read other peoples stories but I must say they could never do the Galapagos justice. That feeling you would get as you approach one of natures most unique and in the most part untouched island destinations would be a truly inspiring and exhilarating experience.

One day Galapagos, one Day!

Destination 3 – Japan

Japanese House - Top 10 Bucket List Destinations

I don’t know too much about Japan if I am honest but this is one of the reasons it has hit my top 10 bucket list destinations.

It would be relatively easy to jump on a plane and head to Japan,get off and head to the city, do the tourist thing etc, loads of people do it and that doesn’t overly interest me.

Japan has hit my top 10 bucket list destinations as I would love to do things a bit more traditional. Japan is full of tradition and history. Odd for me to what to discover this as I am not hugely into history, yes I like old buildings and seeing how people have done things but it has never been a focus or genuine interest of a trip.

Japan is different, I want to steer away from the commercial, I want to go and find a tranquil place, find one of those amazing looking buildings with the paper doors, ware a random robe and learn about the way of life.

I want to discover how the Japanese people find their way to chill, gain fulfilment and get in touch with their inner selves. I also like the idea of doing some kind of training, Judo, Yoga, tha chi (Yes I know this is Chinese in origin! lol) or whatever else i discover to learn the discipline with a master keeping you aligned and motivated.

Maybe I seem a little crazy there but what an experience that would be!

Great Wall of China - Top 10 bucket List Destinations

Destination 4 – China

Well it may have been a little predictable after I mentioned Japan but China is in my top 10 bucket list destinations for a different reason.

This one may be slightly more difficult to achieve as there would be quite the language barrier and potential safety issues.

Yes China is on the list as I want to visit the great wall, what a feat of determination and engineering. The Great wall stretches on for miles and miles through some pretty made terrain considering it is a wall..

Great wall, China, that’s easy right?!? Maybe but maybe not the way I would like to do it!

In a similar tone to Japan I would like to avoid the commercial, touristy side of one of China’s most loved attractions.

I don’t want to go to the great wall and be confronted by trinket sellers, offers for a guide, overpriced drinks and photo opportunities, I don’t want to be surrounded by people nd tour groups stepping on you, barging past you and getting in the way. The whole hustle and bustle of the area sounds like a genuine nightmare, almost a reason not to go!

Give me a tranquil spot and time to take it all in and I would be much happier.

Really it would be great to travel much further along the wall to witness how the local people live & what life is like for them living along the wall. There is going to loads of untouched, under-maintained sections, a different view point and a journey to get there and back. The wall is long, the time consuming, the journey..It could be amazing it could be a nightmare, in both ways daunting and I would guess hugely rewarding!

I found a great link showing this is quite possible! YAY! click here if you want a decent read!

Destination 5 – Peru

machu-picchu - Top 10 Bucket List Destinations

Peru just had to be on my top 10 bucket list destinations and in a way this is combined with one of the activities in my other bucket list. Peru to me shouts about the Inca Culture and as a focus Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu is not the only destination to visit in Peru, there are loads of cool places to visit, many linked to the Inca culture and existence and that tell a tale of how working as one can achieve so much.

These civilisations were very switched on and influential, they knew how to look after themselves, plan ahead and ultimately farm in very testing conditions. It i no surprise that the reach, respect and influence attained, helped them to become such a hugely successful force across the entire country and on.. Get some research in and you will be quite surprised by what was achieved so many years ago!

I think by now you have probably gathered I don’t want to turn up at Machu Picchu on a bus with the other tourists, I want to have to work for it!

The reason this Machu Picchu is the focus is because getting there would be a trip in itself. My plan (which may change) is to book a guided hiking tour, spend between 5 and 10 days getting there along the gruelling Inca trail.

The feeling you will get as those famous ruins come into view, the sun beginning to rise along the realisation you come to the end of a physical and emotional journey exhausted and overwhelmed must be second to none!

I may not ever make this one as the route is to say the least challenging but it will remain on my list until I have at least attempted it and either way I will get to see Machu Picchu…

Destination 6 – Alaska

Alaska Husky sled - top 10 bucket list destinations

Why would Alaska be in my top 10 Bucket List Destinations? Having been to Canada and being totally amazed by the old growth forests, the mountains, the variety of animals in land and at sea along with the super friendly people Alaska seems just a small step away.

Ok so there probably isn’t as much in Alaska as you may think but I love the winter and the snowy seasons. Alaska is just like a winter wonderland to me, the glaciers, the polar bears the vast untouched lands and the harsh tranquillity is alluring.

Add to that the forests and lakes and you really are on to a winner!

It must be tough for the few animals that live there to survive, it must be mental looking at sheer ice mountains disappearing into the sea… wouldn’t just it be amazing to take a sled ride with Huskies pulling you & all your gear along guided by the never-ending daylight and camping out in the snow?

I am sold, take my money and get me there now; I may need some serious equipment and a guide but still lets do this!!

Iceland's Beautiful aurora borealis - Top 10 Bucket List Destinations

Destination 7 – Iceland

So Iceland made a swift entry to my top 10 bucket list destinations for similar reasons to Alaska.

Iceland may not be as vast and barren but it has a warm feel about it.

It is similar in some respects,there are few people, it is quite untouched and it seems to me like there are few flights heading that way for tourist which mean you are either there a while or attempting to coordinate a pain in the butt schedule for the flights to get you there when you want to get there.

This small issue kind of adds to the allure, the northern lights however has a large pull on me and draws me in every time I see those crazy dancing lights in other peoples pictures and video clips.

You may or may not see those beautiful lights but then you could possibly see them in a variety of destinations including Scotland, Canada and Alaska to name but a few but for me the small little country of Iceland is where it is all about and that is the main reason I want to visit.

So Iceland is a little bit closer to home, it has loads of other awesome tours and activities to do and I believe if you have a bit of cash you can even stay in a temporary ice hotel.

All sounds pretty awesome to me and they have a hostel or 2 which will give you loads of advice about what to do, where and how to do it! Meet cool people and do some cool stuff?!? oh go on then…If I must..

Destination 8 – Mexico

Mexico - mayan temples - Top 10 bucket list destinations

Ya riba! Welcome to Mea-ich-o Mexico enters my top 10 bucket list destinations for a number of reasons.

Loads of people have told me how amazing Mexico is, its cheap, its fun, its a bit too full of tourists but then where isnt these days & oh the beaches…

Well these are not the reasons I want to go there!

I have seen the movies where you see of some of the old lazy towns, Mexicans in the streets head down, sombrero on and bottle of tequila in the hand but then that is not why I want to visit either..

For me there are 2 main things that interest me and they are kinda linked.

1) I want to get out into the rain forest and find some of those huge Cenote sinkholes.

These are literally holes in the middle of the jungle and usually formed by the collapse of limestone bedrock which expose the ground water underneath.

cenotes cancun

That’s right massive natural holes that drop into some of the most amazing and unexplored underwater caves in the world. They look beautiful and take some getting to.

Yes I guess I am drifting back into the activity section in that I may need to get a bit of a hike on with a guide or 2 to even think about finding one of these spectacular spectacles of the natural world.

These sink holes merge into the second reason I want to get out to Mexico.

2) The link to Maya culture. The Maya civilisation was well known for its hieroglyphics, art, architecture, mathematics, calendar, and astronomical system.

Reading about the history of these peoples, the mysteries and the legends is truly fascinating, the sink holes for example were used to deliver sacrificial offerings.

When you see some of the ruins the Maya left behind and contemplate the amazing feats they must have overcome to get them where they are you will be left mind boggled.
The amazing himalayas - top 10 bucket list destinations

Destination – 9 The Himalayas

Mountains mountains everywhere, the Himalayas, I must go there!

Yes I just made that up but there is something about mountains for me, I love the Snow, love snowboarding and love mountains.

As a result the Himalayas had to be in my top 10 bucket list destinations as these are one of the largest and more recently formed mountain ranges, the cover 1500 miles, 3 ranges and 5 nations.

The most famous and notable mountain is Mt Everest which as most of you will know is the tallest mountain in the world and which, I may add; is constantly growing year on year.

Everest is not on my list so while one day I may check out the base camp (I think is about a weeks worth of hiking on its own), to head any further than that is not something I will ever attempt to do.

So if I don’t go to Everest, why go there?!?

As you can probably gather, there are many more mountains, glaciers, wildlife and eco systems to explore, with varied landscapes directly linking the 3 marvellous and awe-inspiring ranges together.

Wouldn’t it be great to go exploring?

Put in the effort and see where you get, see what you can see when you get there, take in the fresh mountain air and capture an experience you will never forget.

I must admit I really wouldn’t know where to begin, I would like to pop into India, travel about and see it from there but that could be another trip on its own.

Nepal? For some reason I am strangely attracted to Nepal where 75% of the country is occupied by the Himalayas.

With 3 different ranges I think it would be very easy to get lost so it would be essential to hire a guide, the Nepalese are well know to be masters of the Himalaya so where better to starts.

Another option would be to join a group of experienced mountaineers. I love this idea, sharing the load, sharing the responsibilities and sharing an experience like this would be truly amazing. It is going to be tough, it is going to be rewarding but that is all part of the journey.

Realistically this could be a bit of a pipe dream as in reality I would probably get to the bottom, take a few hikes about there and admire this marvel from a distance but then not everything on the bucket list is realistic and achievable is it??

Heli-hike anyone?

Destination 10 – USA

I have to admit i struggled to pick the 10th in my top 10 bucket list destinations, i never suspected that it would be the USA but then why not?

Having been to loads of destinations including the obvious Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Fiji, Thailand, Europe etc it was a tough pick.

USA san francisco - top10 bucket list destinations

Sure I have been to the USA before, I visited Florida, New York, LA, Vegas but it occurred to me that there were at least 3 places I still wanted to go to.

San Francisco, I want to see the golden gate bridge for myself, those crazy streets you see in popular movies and the GTA series of console games but more of a draw to me is getting my arse over to check out Alcatraz.

Alcatras - top10 bucket list destinations

What a great idea, put a prison on an island with some treacherous seas around it to help keep you secure. This I have seen in the movies yes but I have heard a lot about it and just have to get over to see it some time.

Add to San Fran the awesome grand canyon and the whole host of opportunities you have to visit there, hike, drive, stand on a glass platform, helicopter to name but a few and I am already in planning mode.

Grand Canyon - top10 bucket list destinations

I already know that you can book some pretty special tours all around the area leading from LA, from San Fran, from Seattle, from Vegas and you can take your time, see what you like and spend a hugely satisfying couple of weeks without even thinking about it!

Yet again I can add to the list, the Hoover dam, this is one serious feat of man Vs nature, a vast dam purpose built to provide electricity to the hugely power Las Vegas.

What a spectacle that must be to see let along to stand at the top of and ponder what it would be like if that dam wasn’t there or if for some horrendous reason there was a breach….on this occasion man won but how long can that continue? (I have seen scorpion ha ha)

hoover dam - top10 bucket list destinations

So barely thinking about the huge space that is the USA or the many different states I have pulled together a pretty awesome tour option that could easily be continued into mexico, which could easily be extended to Peru, on to the Galapagos and over to Easter Island….

Massive food for thought but may take a bit of a while to save and even longer to realise… its all about the bucket list and that is why we have them!

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