Well this can often be the beginning so if you have made it this far then welcome to your site and to your beginning; you really are in the right place!

My name is Darren Patey and once upon a time I was right where you are now.

This is me….

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Ok ok….So it was a little while ago now…but it is me!

If you want to skip my story and go straight to work then click on the logo and off you go!

I went on a world trip with my girlfriend at the time, we had the most fantastic trip; we experienced some truly amazing sights, met some fantastic people and did some pretty cool things along the way.

When we came home I decided that I wanted to share these experiences with other people that wanted to experience something like what I had; this was a truly amazing time in my life but at the time I hadn’t a clue how is was going to do it.

I thought back over my trip a lot and realised that the hardest, most daunting and stressful part was right back there at the beginning;

If I had the knowledge and experience I have now back then life would have been a dream from the very start.

So we spent a few years saving for this “World Trip” and just like you are now we were very excited about going travelling. We were full of enthusiasm and couldn’t wait to get started. We wanted to see, do, explore and experience all the fantastic opportunities that were out there to enjoy.

We thought ok….now we have some money, what should we do??

Like most people we brought a book and checked out a few websites but it wasn’t long before we stepped back and thought Oh My God…..this jump on a plane and travel around the world lark isn’t as easy as we first thought!

It seemed that the planning and organising of your trip is not a great experience and it is almost enough to put you off…

If were are lucky enough to come to this site first then you may have a different experience to the norm but if not the chances are you will find yourself bombarded with messages telling you the following:

Where you shouldgo
What you should do
How you should do it
What you should think is good
What you Should think is bad
What Currency you should buy
WhatPackages you Should book
What Deals youShould take
What Flights youShould take
How you wipe your arse!
I think you get the picture!

Lets face it these days its all very sell, sell sell and their certainly isn’t enough help, help, help. (link to planning and organising my trip)

If you haven’t done this kind of thing before how on earth do you work it all out?!?! (link to planning and organising my trip)

So now you know it is not easy but take it from me it is well worth the effort.

You really don’t have to have everything done before you go as if you plan your arse off and it doesn’t go to plan……..where is the fun in that??

This website is dedicated to helping you identify some of the things that you will need to think about, and help you to plan and organise your trip (link to plan and organise my trip) so that you can make the most of this life changing experience.

When you have done all that we hope you will share your experiences, tips and advice with others just like I have and continue to grow the amazing backpacker community…

Additional – My personal Journals

My journal will tell you how I got from place to place, what I saw, places I stayed, people I met etc and in some cases how I felt so feel free to check that out and when your all clued up and ready to go there are plenty of links to the guys I used to plan my trip from the home page who may well be able to help you with a deal before you even get there!


Here are some useful links to get you about the site and HELP YOU discover what YOU need.

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Where should I begin?
How do I plan and organise my trip?
How do I budget?
Who should I go with?
Where shall I go?
What should I see & what shall I do?
How do I travel around?

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