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get offline and backpack

Get Offline and Backpack

December 28, 2017 0 Comments

Get Offline and Backpack

We are really lucky to have another guest post here at, “Get Offline and Backpack” is guest post from awesome author Helen Birk. Helen has left a Bio for you at the bottom of the post so you can learn a little more about Helen.

If you are after some great advice read on! Over to you Helen..

get offline and backpack

Ways to Make Your Travel Easier – Get Offline and Backpack

Have you always dreamed of travelling but you do not know where to start from?

Well, then stop staring at the beautiful pictures of the experienced travellers online and start preparing for your amazing trip.

You will have nothing to remember when you are old if you do not voyage – do you want to recall how you browsed all days long when you were young? Of course, not.

We have prepared an article that will inspire you to get offline and backpack – it will give you the tips on the ways to make your travel easier. Are you already interested? Then keep on reading!

Voyage with Backpack Only – Get Offline and Backpack

You should skip this advice if you go on vacations for three weeks (however, we have travelled even a month with only one backpack).

If you voyage for less than two weeks, there is no need for you to take the suitcase. Why? Because the majority of clothes you would take, you would never wear.

How to pack a backpack for travelling? Have a proper think about what you really need in your trip and take only those.

Backpack travelling is easier because you do not have to check in your bag and take a taxi because it is heavy. Having no extra weight will make you free from the unnecessary burden, and it is extremely important.

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Learn the Language of the Country You Are Going to – Get Offline and Backpack

Okay, you do not have to learn the whole language, but it is necessary to know at least the common phrases to understand what is going on around you (especially if you are travelling solo).

It is fine if you voyage to the European country – everyone would understand you if you speak English. However, if you decided to go to the more exotic country, there is a high chance that people would stare at you comprehending not a single word that you are saying.

If you cannot even dream of vacations and travelling because you are overloaded with academic assignments, you can try this out.

Find the Local Cafes Where You Will Eat – Get Offline and Backpack

Before you go to your place of destination, you need to google the places where you will eat.

There is no need to go directly to Burger King in Barcelona when the Spanish food is famous all over the world thanks to its culture of tapas.

Food is the important part of every country and culture, and you will miss a lot if you do not try it. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new – even if you do not like it, it is still worth trying.

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Wake Up Early – Get Offline and Backpack

It might be the last time you are visiting this country that is why you have to wake up early to take the most of it. This is one of the best tips for travelling, and if you follow it, you will not be disappointed.

If you are going to visit the popular place for the tourists, this is extremely important.

For example, it is almost impossible to see the Trevi Fountain because it is literally stuck all over with people. However, if you come here at 8 am, there will be no one there, and you will be able to take as many pictures with no single person in the background.

Have Some Cash – Get Offline and Backpack

Of course, in the modern world, everyone uses the credit cards, however, depending on the level of development of the country you are going to, there might appear some problems with payments.

Having cash in the local currency might be a way out of the uncomfortable situations that may appear.

Sometimes, to get from the airport to your hotel on the bus, you need to pay in cash.

You can exchange some money at the airport for the likely bad exchange rate so that is why we recommend you to exchange money in your own country for the good rates.

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Take as Many Pictures as Possible – Get Offline and Backpack

Pictures are memories. You should take your camera and make as many pictures as you can.

Never mind the quality – you will delete all the bad ones when home.

Each place you are visiting is worth recalling later that is why we recommend you to capture every moment.

(Even the stupidest selfie when you only woke up may call out for the warmest memories.)

BIO: Helen Birk is a well-experienced freelance author at AustralianWritings, whose motto is “Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.” She started working as a freelance writer while studying and continued her work after graduation.

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