Hi guys, welcome to my travel journals..

I have captured so much in my journals that it will take a while for this page to update and so this page will grow over time.

I will try to add stuff I think you will find relevant and interesting and will attempt to format in a way that will make it easy for you to digest and scroll to the sections you want rather than read the lot.

You will get a feel for the trips I do and I will share what went well and what didn’t go so well so you can gather a balanced picture of what it is like to travel and what to expect when you prepare yourself.

Leaving Day 10th May

New York Day 1 - Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero & Washington Square Park

New York Day 2 - The Empire State Building & a Graduation party?

New York Day 3 - Bank Fraud - Crazy goings on!

New York Day 4 - HMS Intrepid

New York Day 5 - Central Park & Madison Square Garden

Leaving New York & our Bus trip to Toronto

Toronto - coming soon

Winnapeg - coming a bit later

Jasper National Park - coming a bit later than that

Vancouver - Might be a while

Victoria Vancouver Island - I was here a month so could be some time

LA, Vegas, Figi, NZ, AUS, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand coming eventually

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