5 Countries with Scary History to Visit on Halloween

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5 Countries with Scary History to Visit on Halloween

5 Countries with Scary History to Visit on Halloween

October 27, 2017 0 Comments

5 Countries with Scary History to Visit on Halloween

We have only managed to get you another great guest blog post on the popular topic of Halloween. This time “5 Countries with Scary History to Visit on Halloween” was written by Paul Calderon.

5 Countries with Scary History to Visit on Halloween

Before we get into the exciting, spooky and Scary lets hear a little about Paul…

Paul is an adventurous traveller and freelance writer. He has been working for ca.edubirdie.com for 6 years and has already visited 20 countries. Paul can’t imagine his life without travelling, which inspires him as well as reading and meeting new people.

Over to you Paul:


Halloween or All Saints Day is a well-known holiday all over the world; many people used to celebrate it by going to different thematic parties and creating spooky costumes.

On this day you can meet zombies, witches, superheroes and other famous characters on the streets of your town, but what to do if you are bored with all those Halloween things?

Of course, you can sit at home, pretending that you ignore this day, but what about travelling to the scary places of the world? Here I will give you a list of top 5 countries to visit to get emotions that you will remember for the rest of your life:

1. Salem, the USA – 5 Countries with Scary History to Visit on Halloween

You must know this town as it is a famous location for many horror movies; a place where all the witches were burnt.

This is so far the best destination to celebrate Halloween because it is full of the mysterious energy; every Halloween the streets of Salem are crowded with vampires, zombies and other evil spirits.

You have to see yourself how many people really enjoy this festival, wearing various costumes and masks and having spooky face paint on their faces, and, believe me, you won’t recognise even your closest in such a variety of colours and looks.

There are different entertaining programs for tourists as well: you can enjoy watching famous horror movies, visit haunted houses or parades of witches. By the way, Salem is located not far from Boston, thus you will find a way there easily.

2. Transylvania, Romania – 5 Countries with Scary History to Visit on Halloween

If you are a fan of a good, old-fashioned classic, then where else to celebrate this holiday if not in the homeland of famous Count Dracula?

As you may know, Dracula was born in Sighisoara, and it seems that nothing has changed since that time in this town.

The first thing you should do when visiting this town, is going to a house, where Vlad Dracula was actually born.

This is the most famous and scariest haunted place in the world, though it was transformed into a restaurant and partially a museum, where you can try delicious Dracula’s cuisine.

3. Stonehenge, England – 5 Countries with Scary History to Visit on Halloween

Stonehenge is one of the most mysterious locations and, thus, it is on the list of our haunted places you need to see on All Saints Day.

This place is closely connected with a Celtic history, the Celts, who inhabited England and Ireland many centuries ago believed that on Halloween the doors to the world of spirits disappear. Ghosts and evil spirits would therefore be able to come to the earth and have the ability to harm people; that was why the Celts placed sweets and other treats near their houses to appease them.

4. Mexico, Mexica – 5 Countries with Scary History to Visit on Halloween

You will have tons of emotions if you visit Mexico on Halloween. This is mostly because Mexican people have another attitude towards this holiday and the death itself.

Halloween or El día de Los Muertos is celebrated a bit different in this country too: children are presented with sugar skulls, chocolate coffins and toy skeletons, and this is also a day, when everybody goes to the cemeteries to put flowers on the tombs to honour their dead relatives.

The second day is characterised with street marches and parades of evil creatures, but you can also visit many Halloween haunted houses there.

Bye the bye, the famous image of La Catrina Calavera and sugar skull makeup, which is very popular on Halloween, are originated in Mexica.

5. Evora, Portugal – 5 Countries with Scary History to Visit on Halloween

A famous Capela dos Ossos is located in Evora, Portugal; this is a small chapel near the Church of St. Francis. It was built in XVII century by French monastics; by creating such an architecture, they tried to tell people about the temporary nature of human existence.

Translated into English it reads “Chapel of Bones” because its interior walls are made and decorated with human bones and skulls, which were collected from local convent cemeteries. You won’t regret visiting this country, and Capela dos Ossos in particular, if you are in search of some haunted hayride on this special day, for sure.

5 Countries with Scary History to Visit on Halloween

I hope my list of the best places to visit on Halloween will inspire you for a new adventure because the world is full of places you have to see yourself and All Saints Day is a perfect reason to visit haunted asylum or get to know new culture or traditions.

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