Best Halloween-2017 Destinations in Europe

Best Halloween Destinations in Europe

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Guest blog post – “Best Halloween Destinations in Europe”

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Welcome to our latest guest post “Best Halloween Destinations in Europe” from the very talented Nicole Lewis.

Before we move onto that awesome topic lets hear a bit more about Nicole…

Nicole Lewis is a young enthusiast and freelance writer. She is a Master of Science in Journalism and has been working for for 3 years. Nicole likes travelling, reading and getting inspired by meeting new people. Her life motto is “Life is about choices, thus do not regret what you have done”.

Best Halloween 2017 Destinations in Europe

The 5 Best Halloween Destinations in Europe

Autumn is a perfect season for travelling: nature is changing its colours and everything becomes yellow, orange and red.

As you may know, autumn is also a season, when the scariest holiday Halloween is celebrated, thus what can be more interesting, then travelling and getting to know about the culture of other people all over the world on this special day?

Although, Halloween is treated to be originated from the USA, Halloween in Europe is an enthralling sight as well, though many traditions were borrowed from overseas, they got a new meaning in each country.

Let’s speak now of the best places to visit for Halloween in Europe:

1. Barcelona, Spain – Best Halloween Destinations in Europe

Halloween, or better-known as El Dia de los Muertos, is celebrated in Spain for three days; beginning with Dia de las Brujas (31st of October), continuing with Dia de los Santos (1st of November) and ending with Dia de los Muertos (2nd of November).

On these days people honour the death and celebrate the continuity of life; many families go to the cemeteries to honour the memory of their deceased relatives.

All Saint’s Day party is held every year in Barcelona, and it is a really spectacular sight; guests can visit various music concerts, watch scary movies and enjoy national Halloween dishes like castanyes, panellets, quemada as well as sweet potatoes and Spanish wine.

If you really want to remember Halloween, you must visit Spain.

2. London, England – Best Halloween Destinations in Europe

Are you planning to spend Halloween 2017 in London? It is a perfect place to spend your vacation there.

This year there will be plenty of creepy activities for those, who are not scared to party hard.

You can visit various museums at night, as well as famous cemeteries during London Month of Dead, enjoy thematic carnival Fright Nights, solve a mysterious murder quest with Crime Scene Live at Natural History Museum or enjoy scary movies in the gardens of haunted Hampton Court Palace.

Just do not forget to book tickets beforehand as they may be sold out very quickly.

Best Halloween 2017 Destinations in Europe

3. Bratislava, Slovakia – Best Halloween Destinations in Europe

Have you ever visited Bratislava?

If not, then this year you have to do it; you will have a really terrific time by visiting the best Halloween parties of the whole Slovakia. On this day Bratislava turns into a big party place, full of witches, zombies and other evil spirits.

Among the list of places you must visit at all costs are: Bratislava Erasmus Halloween – the biggest student party with many special offers, International Bratislava Halloween Party, where you can transform yourself into Cinderella or Superman, and, of course, Spooktacular Halloween Party at Amber’s Bar. If you decide to travel to Slovakia on Halloween, believe me, you won’t regret.

4. Edinburgh, Scotland- Best Halloween Destinations in Europe

Sometimes people forget about the old Celtic tradition of Samhain, which the All Saints Day was originated from, they just put on thematic costumes and enjoy the evening with their friends.

If you are eager to dig more, and to dive deeply into the old, rich traditions, then Edinburgh is an ideal place for you.

Scottish people still celebrate this holiday honouring the ancient traditions, thus you can visit eerie Edinburgh and enjoy mysterious Royal Mile, Edinburgh Dungeons, where Halloween is 365 days a year, tour the city on Ghost bus, visit Edinburgh Horror Festival as well as various haunted castles.

5. Transylvania, Romania- Best Halloween Destinations in Europe

It’s a classic to celebrate this holiday on the motherland of famous Count Dracula. Transylvania is a beautiful destination, where you can find various haunted citadels and castles, listen to the ancient legends about Count Dracula and visit numerous thematic parties.

You must visit, or even spend a night at the most well-known vampire’s Bran Castle in Sighisoara, dance on the Gothic party and get new emotions, which you will remember for the entire life.

Final thought

There are so many beautiful places in the world you need to visit one day, thus you should leave nothing for tomorrow and enjoy exploring new territories now.

I hope my list of the best creepy places in Europe will help you to make up your mind and decide where to spend Halloween.

Enjoy this holiday as life is short, and it is only you, who make it sweet.

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