5 tips for train travellers in India

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5 tips for train travellers in India

August 16, 2019 0 Comments

5 Tips for Train Travellers in India

This time we have a great guest post from Rohit sharing the magic of train travel in their home country.

We hope you enjoy the ride and some of the views along the way!

Over to you Rohit..

Author’s Bio:

Rohit is an explorer and traveller who loves to take the train to his destinations whenever he can.

His train journeys are an important part of his travel itinerary allowing him to soak up long hours on his journey while mingling with other passengers, learning about their life stories and sipping on the quintessential hot tea. You can read more of his travel stories on Trans India Travels.

Photo by cheersabhishek, CC BY 2.0

There is hardly anyone in India who does not have a memorable train experience to narrate.

Travelling by train in India is a unique occurrence in itself- the joy of getting the train berth confirmed; the crowded and bustling platforms; the cries of the hawkers selling tea and snacks and grabbing that coveted window-seat.

For some, taking the train is a necessity and for others it is just the pleasure of the journey that no other means of transport can provide.

This article brings to you a list of the things that would make your next journey easier and more pleasant.

Get Your Tickets on Time – train travellers in India

The most important thing for a train journey in India, and making sure you get a proper seat for enjoying that journey, is the train ticket.

Skip the long queues on railway reservation counters and book your tickets online.

Make sure you get the tickets long before the day of your journey to get the seats confirmed or otherwise go for a Tatkal booking. (Tatkal is a facility to book train tickets in India on very short and immediate notice).

Tatkal bookings can be made a day before the actual date of the journey you intend to make.

Make sure you carry a print of the ticket or a copy of it on your smartphone along with your ID card.

Keep Your Belongings Safe – train travellers in India

In the rush to catch your train on time, cross checking your name on the reservation chart that is displayed, buying food for the journey, and a million other things, do not forget to keep a check on your luggage.

If it is an overnight journey, then lock your bags and tie with a chain under your seat. This can ensure you a good night’s sleep along with the rhythmic movement of the train.

Also, when you de board the train ensure that you have not left any of your bags behind.

Carry on luggage – train travellers in India

Unless it is absolutely necessary, do not overburden yourself with too much baggage.

Having too much baggage can make your journey cumbersome and you could get into tricky situations while boarding and leaving the train.

You must remember to carry a small towel (if you are not travelling by the AC compartments), tissue papers, paper soaps, tooth brush and paste, and mobile phone charger.

Try to travel light, if you are going for a vacation.

Relieve Boredom – train travellers in India

It is a cherished feeling to look out of the train window and watch trees after trees, village after village, and town after town pass by. The interminable wait for your station however, could get a little exasperating sometimes.

For all those moments of boredom and frustration, carry along a book, magazines or newspapers to read, keep your playlist updated with your favourite tracks, and bring snacks to munch on.

A good way to engage yourself during train journeys is to strike up conversations with your co-passengers.

You will get to meet a lot of people from different walks of life during your train travels in India.

Food and drink – train travellers in India

For those long train voyages, the trains usually have a pantry.

If the train you take does not provide for one then you can take food packed from home or from the canteens and eateries on the railway platform.

There will be hawkers selling packaged food on major stopping places as well.

You can also make use of the e-catering services that is made available by IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited).

Carry a lot of biscuits, chocolates and other snacks, too. And, as for beverages, there is nothing like the chai (tea) sold by the tea vendors while on your journey.

Final thoughts..

If you are living in India, then you must have already had at least a few, if not numerous, interesting train expeditions.

If you are travelling to India and not taking a train ride, then it wouldn’t complete your trip to the country.

An integral part of the lives of many Indians and a preferred choice of travel for several travellers, train rides are unbeatable experiences.

If you have any thoughts or ideas it would be great to hear from you, don’t forget to share your own essentials if you have some you feel I missed off!

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