Travelling in Asia

Travelling in Asia

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Travelling in Asia

How you can Experience as Much as Possible when Travelling in Asia

Thinking of taking a trip to Asia?

From the street markets of India, to the technological wonder of Japan, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into in this part of the globe.

But how do you guarantee you make the most of this fantastic experience?

Today, we’re going to run through four ways you can ensure you enjoy your time to the fullest while travelling in Asia..

1) Plan ahead and schedule important times – Travelling in Asia

While you won’t want to set yourself a minute-by-minute schedule, (one you feel you have to stick to), it is good if you have a rough idea of what you’ll be doing and when so you can plan your travelling in Asia a little better.

Missed flight

The only time you’ll need to be a little more precise is when thinking about the exact time of your transport options.

TINZ point out that as many as 25% of travellers admit to missing a flight at some point in their journey.

Don’t let yourself fall into this alarmingly high bracket. Missing your connection has the potential to knock hours off your sight-seeing time.

2) Don’t be afraid to ask locals – Travelling in Asia

If you’re stuck for ideas, don’t be too shy to ask the locals for what they think you should visit. They won’t label you as an annoying tourist so long as you approach them with a big smile and ask politely.

Who’s a better source of information than someone who lives day-in-day-out in the area?

If you’re really too worried to speak to someone face-to-face (perhaps a language barrier seems daunting), try giving the Like A Local Guide website a spin.

This site is great as it allows you to enter a specific place name to ask for information from the people who live there. Brilliant!

3) Listen to the guidebook Travelling in Asia

Travelling in Asia - Guide books Asia

The hipster in all of us would love to throw away conventional tools like this.

In reality guidebooks are produced with the express intent of trying to give you new ideas about where to visit and help you see as much of what you want as possible.

Yes, there’ll be a few hidden natural gems which they don’t cover. But ultimately, you’ll soon find that all the marquee points of interest can be found within the pages of these useful pocket-sized books. Travelling around Asia may be easier than you think if you get one of these out once in a while..

4) Throw yourself in at the deep end – Travelling in Asia

You’re probably visiting a place that is totally different to anywhere you’ve ever been before so don’t be afraid to try things you haven’t done before.

And remember, just because you’re trying something new it doesn’t have to be spiritual or enlightening as sometimes it’s just nice to have fun. (the more the better if you ask me)

Think about relaxing in a Laos rock pool, or even chowing down on one of Bangkok’s famous fried scorpions & if you do do that let us know, we would love to hear from you.

Make sure to keep these tips in mind when it comes to your next adventure in Asia. You’ll see a lot more if you do.

If you have plenty of time and a bit of cash look no further than the Stray Asia the lot . For travellers who have the time, The Lot is a comprehensive trip through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, starting in Bangkok and finishing in Hanoi. Totally awesome!

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