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Visit Phuket

November 24, 2015 0 Comments

What is there for you to See and Do when you visit Phuket, Thailand?


Phuket’s location makes it an incredibly popular tourist gateway boasting some of the most picturesque beaches and natural wonders in Thailand.

There is so much to do there that it is not surprising that when you visit Phuket you will see why it is such a popular destination.

With so much to see and do there you may decide that you need to extend the length of your stay and who could blame you.

To help you get started planning your time in Phuket I have prepared a list of some of the top things to do and see while you are there:

Old town Phuket

Visit Phuket’s historical Old Town

The Old Town of Phuket bears many historical landmarks which are useful to help tourists get a glimpse of what life would be like and offer a better understanding of the rich cultural heritage of Thailand.

Many of the old houses and mansions are being refurbished to make the location more appealing for tourists.

It can be difficult for somewhere like Thailand who find themselves caught between their history and the popularity of their country. I guess it is inevitable although a little sad that as a part of the rebuilding process parts of their cultural significance are lost.

That said you can still find dozens of little jewels scattered around the Old Town of Phuket, just waiting for you to find them! Don’t be afraid to get out there and discover them….

Big Buddha Phuket

Visit Phuket’s – Big Buddha Statue

Visible from pretty much any point in the South of Phuket, standing 45 meters high and made from marble Big Buddha statue is one seriously impressive site to see.

Situated on the peak of mount Nagakerd and built almost entirely from donations by the locals, the Big Buddha statue has great cultural importance. It is really convenient for tourists and easy to find while you climb your way to this incredible attraction (just follow the large signs and you just can’t get lost)

Once you arrive at the peak you will be hugely rewarded by breath-taking views over the picturesque scenery and the three large bays

The statue is still under construction but this just added to the experience particularly when you can purchase a small tile which you can write on and once you have added your comment it will be used in the construction of the statues all for the small donation of for 300 THB. What a lovely idea.

Remember to dress appropriately as this is a site of religious significance but if you forget there are shawls that you can borrow. All in all a great free attraction, check out some of the photos, don’t think there is much I can say to that other than WOW!

Phi Phi island

Similan and Phi Phi Islands

During your holiday in Phuket, it’s highly recommend to visit Phuket’s Similan or Phi Phi Islands. When you are there you will have a great chance to witness the marvellous beauty of the Andaman Sea and its white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and unique species of wildlife.

I think I was on the islands about 10 days and if I am honest didn’t experience them as I would have liked to I had some serious dodgy guys and spend much of mine time on or running to the loo in what would otherwise have been paradise.

My plans to learn diving with my friends, to go exploring and have some fun seemed a long way away. Gave me a reason to head back not that you really need one. Not really a fish eating man I also discovered a new fish that just tasted fine….

I touched on it before but quite obviously one of the best things to do on the Similan or Phi Phi Island is diving and as you would expect there are numerous centres offering this activity.

If this is your plan you picked a great spot but just make note that he Similan islands are open only during certain times of the year. If you time it wrong when you visit Thailand you may just miss out and will only be able to visit the more crowded Phi Phi Island. Shame….

Soi Bangla

Visit Phuket – Soi Bangla

Besides its spectacular sights, Phuket is also quite popular among tourists for its night-life.

The entertainment and sex industries all come together in Soi Bangla and provide a good time for any taste. As the beautiful sun sets over the beach the area starts to come to life, the numerous bars start to fill with crowds of tourists, the beautiful Thai girls and lady boys, dressed as women start to coax customers into various bars.

You will find countless accounts of people who have fallen for a lady boy by “mistake” if you look for them and most people know someone who has or knows someone who have.

The lady boys can be quite deceivingly attractive looking so if you want to avoid that story yourself you better keep those beer goggles cleaned and pay attention.

Could you be the next person facing the “hummmm something doesn’t feel quite right” feeling in the morning other than the memory loss and hangover! Ha ha

If you are looking for ways to get involved, have some fun and throw yourself into Thailand’s vibrant night-life Soi Bangla is the best location to visit during your trip to Phuket!

Phuket Fantasea

Visit Phuket Fantasea

Lets start with what the Phuket Fantasea actually is. Phuket Fantasea is a 140 acre theme complex showcasing some of the unique charm and beauty of Thailand while enriching tradition.

The complex is made up of load of different elements including a carnival village, magic and theatre shows, shops and a 4000 person buffet restaurants among others.

Bright, colourful, vibrant and often pretty crowded, the Fantasea is a place where you will find something for everyone, travellers and tourists alike and would be a must for families visiting the area too.

Not only will the kids be entertained by the fun and games you will find a whole host of spectacular sights for the adults

Phuket Fantasea is probably best known for its live theatre every spectacle is unique and imaginative and the actors are incredibly well trained. Add to this the state of the art visual and audio effects and you are guaranteed to have great time. You may even learn a bit more about the Thai culture too!

Siray Sea Gypsy Village

The Siray Sea Gypsy Village Phuket

Have you ever heard of sea gypsies?

Me either until I was over in Thailand but these nomadic people are known to wander the Andaman sea. Guess where their village might be…. Yep their village is located just 20 minutes away from Phuket Town. If you are really into local traditions and practices, make sure you make a visit to the sea gypsy village located in Koh Sirayl.

The best time to visit the Siray Sea Gypsy Village is in the morning when the local fishermen return with their fresh catch for the day. You will find a significant contrast with the surrounding flashy resorts here as the villagers live much simpler lifestyle.

This is something quite curious for backpackers to experience as it gives them that feeling of reality and travelling with just the pack on your back. For more unique and amazing backpacker tips and also one of a kind travel shop with the best deals on the market visit Experience Backpacking!

Phuket weekend night market

Visit Phuket’s Weekend Night Market

Weekend markets are popular all over Thailand and Phuket town is no different. It takes place during the night on the weekend and gives you an opportunity to grab a few bargains when compared to some of the other locations on the island.

You will find cheap clothes and tourist souvenirs of course but as with all night markets this one offers you delicious, freshly prepared & local goods such as the sticky mango rice dessert and numerous other fresh delicacies. What better way to spend the weekend night than to have a stroll about the market and grab some munch before you head out into the night-life…

Phuket beaches

Visit Phuket and Hit the Beaches

A bit of an obvious one but you are in Thailand get out there and chill on the beaches.

Millions of tourists visit Phuket every year to experience the tranquillity of its amazing beaches backpackers are no exception and often looking for ways to escape the crowds to enjoy their piece of the white sands of the coastline. There are numerous quiet locations less than a mile away from the main tourist hotspots, avoid the crowd, take a wander and see what you find!

Your secluded piece of paradise is walking distance away & you got the time right…..

Even the popular hotspots such as the Karon beach are often home to more isolated and incredibly picturesque spots, this is where you can do what you should really be doing & just relax.

Promthep cave Viewpoint
Promthep cave Viewpoint

Promthep Cave Viewpoint

If you are hunting for the perfect view over Phuket and its picturesque coastline, the Promthep Cave Viewpoint is one of the top spots to visit. It is a great view no matter what time of the day you go but for me, to maximize the experience I recommend visiting this viewpoint at sunset and off course if you have one your significant other if possible!

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