Travelling – Who should I go with?

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Who should i go with

Travelling – Who should I go with?

Who to go with

Who should I go travelling with?

Each different option gives you a unique opportunity for a variety of reasons, you aren’t sure or need to feel you have made the right decision…The travelling community are certainly an interesting bunch of people but really it is down to you to decide.

Consider these options and decide what or WHO is best for you…


Do you

Travel alone


go along

Go it alone

Some things are certain if you go alone.

You WILL have periods of time alone and you are also CERTAIN to meet other people to travel with if you so wish.

Travelling alone can be hugely rewarding but I am not going to lie to you it can also be a tough and daunting experience; if you go alone there are a few things to consider;

Here is the rewarding part…

      You get do what you want



      You can do it when you want
      You can make all the decisions


      You can build confidence


      You can gain huge experience


      You can accomplish things you never thought possible



On the other hand you should consider this…

      Only you can make the decision


      You can only rely upon yourself


      You can only blame yourself if something goes wrong


      You can feel lonely


      It can be stressful


    How much time do you usually spend with yourself?
Travel with a friend

Go with a friend

Go wit a friend

If you go with another person you can be certain that you will have someone to travel with.

That has to be a good thing right?

After all this is your friend right?!?!

Here are a some things you could consider before you go backpacking with a friend:

Good times; travel with a friend

      You have someone to share the experience with


      You have somebody to rely upon


      You have someone to help make a decision – share the burden or load


      You have someone who can come up with a different view or idea to you


      You could do things you would not do alone


      Emotional support


    Stronger relationship

Things to consider; travel with a friend

      You may not want to do the same things


      What if they turn out to be different and you don’t get on?


      What if they decide they have had enough and want to go home?


    What if they leave you and go off alone?

A Balanced view

A friend can be a great person to travel with but like any scenario when you spend a lot of time with someone you will more than likely have a run in or two.

Those who work together and do so well will come out of it better friends than they were before but some people grow apart.

If you travel with a friend it can be a rewarding trip. The most experienced of travellers are able to skilfully adapt and break up their trip to gain the maximum benefit.
Some people

      Spend time doing what they want to do together,


      Go there separate ways to do the things they want to do themselves


    Meet up again later on to share stories and travel some more together.

These people seem to gain the most reward from their travels.

Travel with a group of friends

Go with a group of friends

This is could be another one of your options and it shares similarities to travelling with a friend.

There are the obvious advantages and disadvantages when there is a group of people along with the group attitude and group behaviour that is in our instinct.

So in addition to some of the points raised with travelling with a friend there are a few more things to consider:

Good times; go with a group of friends

      • As a group you may get discounts


      • You have a variety of people to provide support


      • You have a lot of people to make decisions


      • You have back up


    • You will get to know your friends better

Things to consider; go with a group of friends

      • What if the group turns against you?


      • What if the group doesn’t want to do what you want to?


      • What if the group can’t get into the same accommodation?


    • What if the group can’t get on the same transport?
Go with a partner

Travel with your partner

There really are some good reasons to travel with that special someone although it can test even the strongest of relationships.

I did some of my Backpacking with my partner and also travelled without one! Things don’t always work out and you guessed it we parted company along the way…

What a partner gives you

      • Emotional support


      • Intimacy


      • Courage


    • Belief

A partner gives you someone to be with when you are on your own, you are not used to travelling, finding it more difficult to meet people or just plane shy.

You have someone who is there, that you can confide in, plan with discuss things with, comfort and support you.

Can I be with someone 24/7?

It can be difficult to be with anybody 24-7 and especially when you are not used to it, those who survive until the end tend to have a great bond and connection. This is great for their relationshipe as it means they have most likely

      • Built a stronger relationship


      • Had a wonderful experience from backpacking together


    • Have someone to share their memories with afterwards.

Is it all good?

It a tough one to call! Like the other options, you could have two individual people who may want to do completely different things along the way.

If you are with a partner you may feel you are missing out, not making joint decisions and not considering the other person enough.

The strong emotional feelings that can be present within a relationship can influence behaviours and responses. This can influence the way you travel and can be positive as well as negative.

If you are gone for a long time and both feel up to it you can always go your separate ways and meet up again refreshed and ready to go a day, week or month later.

Travel with family


Go with family

If you have read the other sections and are considering this as an option why not!
Generally travelling with other people as you have learned can be a anywhere between hugely rewarding and a nightmare.

Travelling with a family member also has its good and bad points. You will have some of the advantages and disadvantages of travelling with a friend, travelling with a partner or travelling alone.

Other things to consider

      • Family can be hugely supportive


      • Family can be hugely influential


      • Family can be bias


      • Family expectations and pressure can be difficult to deal with


      • You may have to behave differently


    • Provide you somewhere to stay

There is no reason why you couldn’t go with family but just consider the emotion and behavioural traits that will be a massive influence over your overall experience.

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