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desire - whats stopping you

Whats stopping you? – Guest blog post

July 25, 2017 0 Comments

How to overcome barriers to travel – by Melisa Marzette

It is with great pleasure I am able to introduce you to Melisa Marzette who is going to tackle the question “whats stopping you?”.

Melisa got in touch and asked if she could write for www.experiencebackpacking.com and how could we resist!

We thought it may be useful for you to know that you are not the only person that has some conflict in your life and approach to travelling.

Travelling is not for everyone but for those that really want to go it can be a daunting experience before you even get that backpack on and head off into the unknown. It is so difficult to get yourself into the right space enable you to make those life-changing decisions but don’t worry Melisa has a few thoughts that may help you process that.

Why wouldn’t you go travelling? how do you overcome these things that are holding you back.

Aimed at the student traveller; Melisa agreed to take on this really difficult topic and deliver to you a great post intended to help you overcome your own barriers to travel.

I hope you enjoy the post and that you can take something from it.

Many thanks Melisa for her hard work on this one.. over you you…

How To Overcome The Barriers Stopping You From Travelling

Being a student is a very responsible period in life. During this time, you learn a lot of new things.

It concerns not only the knowledge, but life experience as well.

At this stage of life, it may become difficult to make certain choices or preferences due to fears or psychological barriers that may arise.

It may become difficult for a student to make certain decisions on his own, that is why it may negatively affect his future well-being and prosperity.

Of course, all the young people are dreaming of travelling. However, time after time, fears are preventing them from doing this.

No money - whats stopping you

Here are some examples

1. The lack of money – Whats stopping you?

If you are afraid that you will not be able to pay for the trip you want, you should get rid of this feeling.

The solutions are numerous: you can hoard some money during a certain period of time, you can borrow some money from your friends or relatives, or take a loan.

Gradually you will return this money, that is why you have nothing to be afraid of if you lack some money.

relatives - whats stopping you?

2. Relatives – Whats stopping you?

Maybe your relatives do not understand your desire to go on a trip. Moreover, perhaps you think that they will not understand you, and therefore do not even raise this issue because of fear of criticism.

Perhaps it seems to you that without your support and your presence your family will not cope, and you are obliged to stay in every way to help them.

You should not sacrifice your life for the sake of satisfying your family. After all, parents and grandparents love you, which means that they want to see you happy. Explain to them why you want to travel, and they will understand you. If they do not understand you and start criticising, do not give up.

Do not be afraid to follow your path, even if this is contrary to your grandmother’s ideas about happiness. You are an adult and have the right to make decisions on your own.

language barrier - Whats stopping you?

3. Lack of knowledge of languages – Whats stopping you?

This fear can also be easily avoided. Just imagine that there are plenty of other tourists, who do not know foreign languages as well as you. You can learn a couple of phrases and use the translator whenever you need it. Modern gadgets and special apps will not let you down.

friends - whats stopping you?

4. Friends – Whats stopping you?

Perhaps you are afraid of losing touch with your friends. Parting with relatives is always hard and very sad. However, if you leave for a few months or a year, or even two years, your friends will still remain your friends.

In the modern world, there are many ways to keep in touch. Of course, talking on Skype is not the same as a personal meeting, but it’s an excellent communication channel.

desire - whats stopping you

5. Lack of desire – Whats stopping you?

Probably, if you didn’t start travelling, then the desire is not that strong. If you really wanted to travel badly, you would have started doing this long ago.

Your destiny is in your hands. Get rid of all the fears and start to live vivid and colourful life right now!

Travelling to different countries will help you to collect incredible memories and experience unbelievable emotions!

About the author: If you would like to read something worthy, then you are welcome to top paper editors from Royal Editing, to check for articles written by the talented writer Melisa Marzett.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, if you have some examples of some of the obstacles you have faced and how you overcame those it would be great to hear from you in the comments below!

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