Making Decisions

Making Decisions

Making Decisions

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Making decisions

How do I Make decisions?

We are all making decisions every day of our lives.

It may surprise you to hear that despite what you boss, friends or family might say you are already really good at making decisions

(although they may just be basic ones)

As we go through our lives we will find a whole range of opportunities to consider or problems to deal with giving you an obstacle to overcome. SOme of the choices will be easy and some more difficult to make.

Should I have a beer or a wine is usually a simple choice to most but that could turn into something more challenging…

Should I quit my job and go travelling?
Should I take that promotion at work?

These are more life changing decisions and a lot more difficult to make.

The moment that a simple decision becomes more complicated or something you are less comfortable with can be when it gets a lot harder for you in terms of making decisions….sometimes a lot, lot harder.

So how do we making decisions?

People make decisions all the time in lots different ways, some are on the spur of the moment, some people like to mull it over a little before they decide, some people make an emotional choice and some the logical choice.

It is a tougher scenario when you are forced to make a choice as these are usually uncomfortable and then again some people have NO choice…

More often than not we use a combination of methods and much of the decision will be made sub-consciously.

The truth is there is no right or wrong answer and your response can be dependant on a variety of factors:

The type of decision you need to make (simple or difficult)
How long you have to make it (have I got time to consider the options & emotions)
Whether you feel it is a decision you can make (if not don’t make it)

For most of us the best we can hope for is a little bit of time to consider and make the more serious decisions so that we can think about the bigger picture, know on effect etc & consider all the options whether they are good or bad

Consider some of the following:

    what if I do? its your decision
    what if I don’t?
    Does it solve a problem?
    How much will it cost?
    How much will I save?
    Do I have time?
    Can I afford to miss it?
    Is this a once in the lifetime opportunity?
    Do I like the idea and if so why?
    Do I fee uncomfortable and if so why?
    Will this effect other people & if so how & are you ok with that?
    Is it dangerous and are you ok with the risk?
    Are you using your head or you heart or both as they don’t always agree

At the end of the day making decisions should come down to what you think as ultimately you are responsible for your decision and may have to stick by your decision or actions.

A wise man once said “don’t make a permanent decision with a temporary emotion”

scissors paper stone

Scissors Paper Stone

This may sound really daft to you but some of the most successful travellers I have met who have travelled all over the place chose a simple what of choosing the best option for them.

They would way up the options available to them, whittle them down to 2 and then play rock paper scissors or scissors paper stone depending on where you are from.

These guys would use it for everything, should we walk a bit further or stop for a drink, should we go there today or should we chill on the beach

So next time you get stuck and you don’t know what to do maybe you should think of them….

its time to play the game…

Good luck

Good luck to you all at making decisions in the future, happy travelling

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