Top 6 Destinations for College Spring Break

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College spring break

Top 6 Destinations for College Spring Break

February 28, 2018 0 Comments

Top 6 Destinations for College Spring Break
College spring break
When it is time to plan for college spring break ideally you need to find a place where you can have great time on low budget.

Melissa has pulled together her favourite spots for you to mull over in another great guest post for

A bit about Melissa…

Melissa Cartew is a passionate traveller and writer who works for essayvikings. She writes blogs and articles on affordable travels. Her hobbies are playing the piano, watching football and photography.

Go for it Melissa, lets get some info out there!

My list of the best college spring break destinations includes the cheapest destination for spring break as most of them eliminate the need for expensive flights and hideaways.

In the U.S., some states like Texas and Florida allow persons aged 18 to 21 years to enter their clubs and bars.

Students who travel in groups during spring break however are sometimes accompanied by minors.

If you choose a place where minors are not allowed to get anywhere near the clubs then you may have to leave some friends behind disappointed so it is something worth thinking about.

Before we get to our list “top 6 destinations for college spring break”, you need to know a few of the things that could make a destination an ideal place to go.

Firstly, the destination really needs to be a place you can drive to:

Not only is the road trip a great, fun part of the journey, if you need a cheap trip you should choose one you can reach by car or bus as this way you eliminate an expensive airfare.

Secondly and (equally important) the destination needs to be a safe place to visit.

It is important to check the laws of the country or state you want to travel to or you could get caught out and in to trouble.

For Example, the United States has laws which protect students but this isn’t always the case, some other countries such as Mexico may not treat you the same way.

(The US state department does not issue travel advisories in respect of student travels to Mexico).

Thirdly (another must) is affordable accommodation.

Some of the popular college spring break destinations may not have cheap accommodation.

As a student, the perfect location for spring break is one where there are large condominiums and other houses to rent.

If you go for college spring break as a group you will probably want to stay with your mate all under one roof so you can hang out together. As this is a must the accommodation options can be a challenge as most hotel rooms for example cannot accommodate a group of students and therefore unsuitable for a group.

Considering these three points will help you to find a suitable destination.

In my opinion here are our top 6 destinations for college spring break

1. DAYTONA BEACH IN FLORIDA – Top 6 Destinations for College Spring Break

Daytona beach is located on Florida’s East Coast.

Top 6 Destinations for College Spring Break - Daytona

In a such a great and popular destination such as Daytona beach some of the most anticipated events of the year take place. For example the Daytona 500 and Daytona Bike week.

There are loads of things to do here if you want to party but there are some more chilled out options you can do around the area to help recover including eating ice cream, hitting up a pier, getting some sun and going to the beach.

If you decide to spend a sun-soaked afternoon strolling down the boardwalk you can watch some of the talented street artists doing their thing and selling some of the most breathtaking pieces.

2. NEW YORK CITY IN NEW YORK – Top 6 Destinations for College Spring Break

Top 6 NYC is one of the most iconic cities in the United States and also very popular across the whole world. Destinations for College Spring Break

While New York City will not offer you a conventional sunny beach vacation it is still one of the top contenders in our top 6 destinations for college spring break.

Only a few places on earth could compare to Central Park in the New York City for a college spring break.

When the snow melts and leaves have become green, you can get yourself outdoor and soak up all those awesome things you can do in New York. Once you have totally worn yourself out touring this fantastic city you could just decide to tour Sheep’s Meadow and pack yourself a wonderful picnic for some chill time.

If you fancy an experience a bit different to the usual city touring you could just go and visit the Hamptons so you can get in some some great beach time. While in the Hamptons you can get involved in celeb spotting as there are plenty about there, who knows you could even be invited to one of their exquisite parties.

In short, when in the New York City, be prepared as anything can happen. Don’t to forget to grab a slice or two of the city’s pizza’s (they really are that good) and this will help make the whole experience that little bit more awesome, and a cut above the rest.

3. PANAMA CITY BEACH – MIAMI, FLORIDA – Top 6 Destinations for College Spring Break

Located in Miami Florida, the Panama City Beach is one of the best destinations for college spring break.

After many months of reading, researching and presenting stuff in class it is time to take some time off and relax to the max.

There are so many activities going on here including sunbathing, walking sandy beaches, swimming, fishing, and loads of other activities.

Along with this and as a popular destination, there is no doubt that you will find loads of other students on about so you can mingle, have drinks, dance, watch movies and make some new friends!

The Traffic, people and parties here will make your break one of the most memorable in your life.

Make sure you find some time and visit Calle Ocho, a very famous street in Miami, where you will find some of the hottest clubs and restaurants in the city.

4. NASSAU IN BAHAMAS – Top 6 Destinations for College Spring Break

The Bahamas are one of the most exciting and interesting places to visit while on college spring break.

If you can afford it an can get there then you could choose to sign up for one of the many excursions on offer.

You could go and climb waterfalls, scuba dive or just island hop.

In short, the Bahamas are clear-watered, beautiful and exciting islands and just as you will have seen it marketed in holiday brochures.

The aquarium and water park are nothing short of thrilling to all those who visit Nassau so make sure you get to them if you find yourself here!

5. LAS VEGAS IN NEVADA – Top 6 Destinations for College Spring Break

Las Vegas is associated with weddings, partying and gambling.

college spring break

Sounds to me like the perfect destination and obviously becomes one of the best destinations for college spring break as there is so much to offer.

You can take a walk along the beaches and enjoy delicious, freshly prepared seafood.

There are also some amazing music festivals that will make your spring break exciting and glamorous.

Did we mention the huge number of casinos? each on has its own theme so you could be on a gondola in the Venetian one minute and wearing a toga at Caesars palace the next… You can catch a Limo or helicopter ride, check out a strip club or one of the crazy shows or just shop until you drop! Yep Vegas has it all!

6. PUNTA CANA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Top 6 Destinations for College Spring Break

Punta Cana is the most eastern point of the Dominican Republic.

If you somehow manage to find yourself heading here the you will find sugary sand is so unique you may even think it is synthetic but rest assured it is made solely by mother nature.

There is a ton of affordable accommodation and combined with the beach you can see why this is such an attractive destination for college spring break for students in the US of A.

Thanks you Melissa, loving your work!

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