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Visit Krabi

Visit Krabi in Thailand

October 27, 2015 0 Comments


We have loads of info and recommendations below to help with your plan to visit Krabi so if you want to just chill or take time and explore then you are in the right place.

Krabi is home to some of the most beautiful natural sights in all of Thailand with its gorgeous beaches one of the most recognizable landmarks in the region.

The main reason why people love to visit Krabi is its unique location, which combines the beauty of the Thai mainland with the tranquillity of its small islands.

It doesn’t matter whether you are fan of private day tours, if you prefer to explore with larger tourists groups or if you are on a budget, Krabi has something in store especially for you!

With so many things to do and places to visit, you could easily dedicate a few weeks of your trip to visit Krabi. Let’s face it you will need that time to truly explore the area, relax a little and to get a glimpse of its most beautiful sceneries.

Some of the must see places are described for you below to help you pick up the very best there is to offer and stop you missing out when you are there. For some great backpacking deals and travel tips visit

Tiger Cave Temple Krabi

Visit Krabi & see The Tiger Cave Temple

If you decide to walk the 1200+ steps to reach the mountain top to where the Wat Tham Sua is located, you will find yourself in a place words just can’t describe.

The hot springs, the Emerald pool and the Tiger Cave Temple are a must visit during your stay in Krabi.

If you are up for something a little more unusual you should head to the underground maze of caves, where monks live and practice religious rituals, this will certainly spark the light of adventure in every visitor.

Once you climb to the sacred peaks you will realize you have climbed 1272 limestone steps and I am sure you will feel it too. That said you will enter an atmosphere rarely matched by any other tourist or religious destination and get a chance to see the world famous “footprint of the Buddha”. Besides the breathtaking views up there, you can simply sit down and relax, after all this is what this location is all about in the first place!

Krabi market

The Krabi Morning Market

The Thai markets are the best way to dive deep into local culture and the market in Krabi is one of biggest on offer in Thailand.

To experience the market at its best, you need to visit early in the morning & just before the sun rises. It may be a tough start at 5 AM but rewarding all the same, could even be one for a visit back to the hostel after a heavy night…

The Krabi Morning Market mainly sells fruit, vegetables and seafood but the vibrant atmosphere and buzzing market streets along with the variety of fresh local produce will surprise even the most regular traveller.

The market is separated into two main areas, where vendors offer fresh ingredients and prepared meals for everyone to enjoy. Since a visit it in the early morning is a must, I can definitely recommend trying the delicious Kanom Krok (coconut and rice hotcakes), grilled to perfection and on offer by the local market vendors.

Visit Krabi and Elephant Trek

Elephants are well known to have a special connection with Thai people and, like many others, when I arrived in Thailand I imagined myself taking an elephant ride through the unspoiled jungle.

Krabi Elephant Trek

This is one of the oldest tourist activities available in Krabi and a day at the elephant camp will definitely leave you with long-lasting memories for the rest of your life.

It is more than likely that you will get the rare opportunity to be a part of the everyday life of these majestic giants.

Some locations will even allow you to take part in bathing the elephants which is an increasingly popular activity in Krabi.

Once I had seen these amazing animals up close and personal I felt a little sorry for them being tamed as they were and had a bit of a change of mind.

Everyone is entitled to their own view about this but as I mentioned before, many locations will allow you to take part in the everyday rituals with the elephants and this can be a lot more fun than just riding on their backs!

I just didn’t quite get round to it in the end but figured if you want to see the jungle up close and personal then hiking is a great way to get in there and see it for yourself…

Krabi boat

Visit Krabi & experience some Outdoor Adventures

Krabi has much more to offer than its beautiful, tranquil beaches and one of the best ways to ensure make the most of your time and leave with an amazing experience is to choose an outdoor adventure.

There is loads to do here you can go hiking, rock climbing, rafting or riding an ATV for example.

With so much action going on in Krabi, you will probably have a hard time deciding which of the activities you want to try during your stay there.

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I’ve visited Krabi several times now and can personally recommend riding an ATV, scuba diving and rock climbing – all of these activities are guaranteed to satisfy the adventure lust in every visitor!

Visit Krabi and Tour the 4 Islands

The 4 Island Tour in Krabi includes visits to Tup Island, Chicken Island, Poda Island and the Phra Nang Cave as these destinations are considered to be some of the most spectacular sights in the area.

Krabi tours

I really can’t describe the feeling after exploring the beautiful islands of Kho Phi Phi and in my opinion no trip here would be the same without checking these places out..

If you do decide to take a tour on a boat you will be provided with all equipment and goods you need to truly enjoy this unique experience.

Snorkelling is also a popular activity when you tour the 4 islands and again you are provided with all the equipment needed to observe the amazing tropical fauna in the beautiful turquoise waters surrounding the islands & usually for free!

For me though climbing had to be up near the top of the list, it may be hot on the rock-face and challenging at times but you cant beat that feeling you get when you reach the dizzying heights of a newly conquered peek. Looking out over the beautiful surroundings makes you expended efforts all the more rewarding.

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