When should I go to Australia?

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When should I go to Australia

When should I go to Australia?

Experience the seasons

Experience the seasons

When should I go to Australia?

To me it doesn’t really matter when you decide to go to Australia as there is something for everyone no matter what time of the year you go.

That said it really does depend on what you want to do so have a think about that and then read on to see what time of the year you feel will suit what you have planned the best and that should help you to decide.

Believe it or not Australia has a ski season in the winter too!

In some regions you will experience sweltering heat, in other areas hugely tiresome and draining humidity and of course there is the time of year that forest fires start up or the snow begins to fall.

Here is some info about some of the seasons so you can try and co-ordinate with the rest of your trip:

There are a few suggestions with each season but there is so much to see and do in this fantastic country all throughout the year I couldn’t even begin to scrape the surface.

As I said before Australia is a country for all seasons and you can do practically anything you may ever want to here here, at any time of the year.

Like anywhere in the world there are four seasons across the majority of the country but as Australia is so big there is also a wet and dry season up in the tropical north.

When should I go to Australia? – Spring

Spring in Australia runs from September to November and is great season to surf, sea kayak and canoe and is a great time to go whale watching

(although when it there not a good time to do that).

Tasmania’s also has a range of things to see including blooming gardens to natural and historic attractions.

Nature comes alive across the country and you will see flower & food festivals all over including Kangaroo islands wild flower show.

You can head to the wine valleys and soak up the atmosphere amongst the host of events in the area.

People start to get themselves outside and start enjoying what the country has to offer.

A great place to head would be the Daintree rain forest which is the worlds oldest rainforest and home to the earth’s largest range of animals and plants. Spring is possibly considered the best time of the year to head to these parts as you will find more comfortable temperatures in the “build-up (the months before monsoon season)

You will find calm beaches with warm sea waters, a host of orchids, birds and wildlife for your viewing pleasure, better watch out for the crocs along the Daintree river!

On top of this Melbourne dresses up for the world famous Melbourne cup, a major sporting event across the country where Businesses come to a stand still to support and celebrate the popular horse racing event with a glass of bubbley and some canapé.

You could always head to see Canberra come alive with a million spring blooms at Floriade

I could continue to write about the spring in Australia b ut this is just a snapshot, when should I go to Australia? you may just answer spring….

When should I go to Australia? – Summer

Summer in Australia is from December to February and as you can imagine this is a great time to get outdoors.

You are certainly gonna need some sun cream and a hat as boy can it get hot over here not like a summer in the UK if you catch my drift..

Australia has pretty much every outdoor activity you could think of and probably give you an idea or 2 for a few more.

You could swim a variety of beaches, hike overland trails, go caving, bungee jumping, sky diving, off-roading, climbing, scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming with dolphins, fishing sailing etc etc.

Summer in Australia is also the cricket season, grand slam tennis, a time for vibrant music festivals, outdoor cultural events.

Lets not forget Christmas probably the only Christmas you will be able to have a BBQ Christmas dinner and new year’s eve with fireworks over Sydney harbour bridge or a beach party on Bondi..

When should I go to Australia? you may just think its summer all the way….

When should I go to Australia? – Autumn

March to May is Australia’s autumn and you will have the opportunity to do a variety of things.

You can check out the reddy-golden trees in Orange, you could explore Margaret river vineyards at their Autumn wine festival or the Yara valley grape gazing festival.

Hit the White water by rafting down the Tasmania’s wild west coast or fish and camp along the Murrumbidgee River Corridor, near Canberra.

Autumn really is jam-packed with events, from food and wine festivals to fashion weeks and you cant forget the famous Melbourne Grand Prix.

This is also the coolest time to hit Alice Springs although don’t let that put you off it is still pretty hot out there…

When should I go to Australia? – You may think about Autumn

When should I go to Australia? – Winter

Australia’s winter is from June to August and as mentioned above you can even go skiing down, just head for the Australian Alps in Victoria.

You could get some diving in on the Great Barrier Reef where you can spot migrating whales and dive with a fantastic array of marine life, you can hit the deserts where the temperatures are a little more bearable or take in the amazing Blue Mountains which are too far outside Sydney and join in with some of the seasons festivals.

When should I go to Australia? winter sounds pretty awesome!

Northern Territory

Up north in the tropical regions the dry season lasts from May to October. You will see clear blue skies and sunny days. Its this time of year that Darwin becomes a popular destination with its vibrant outdoor markets, movies and festivals.

December to March is the wet season. This is hot and humid place to be and can be a tough place stay sometimes until you get used to it but once you do you can start to enjoy what is on offer.

The daily rainstorms give you a perfect opportunity to see waterfalls thunder through the Litchfield and Kakadu National Parks or you could fly over Katherine Gorge when the water levels are at their highest for some great views.

I found some great tours up in Darwin with crocodile feeding cruises, searching for bush tukka and strolling around checking out the parks with the massive termite hills, don’t be kicking one of those over they are as tall as you!

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