Travelling in Cefalu sicily

Our time travelling in Cefalu Sicily

November 14, 2014 0 Comments

Cefalu Sicily - Cathedral

Travelling in Cefalu Sicily

Cefalu seemed like a lovely place just a shame we weren’t there by 7:30pm as we had hoped!

Several wines, some local pizza and it was soon 1am and ready for a well-earned kip…

We stayed at Bohemien B&B, a top floor apartment with plenty of space and really well situated (once we found it), pretty close to the beach surrounded by lots of pretty cobble stoned roads.

Further along the streets you could stick you head into various tourist shops, little restaurants, tour operators and car / bike hire so everything really was within a short distance and offered what any traveller may need to enjoy their stay..

After the long trip the night before we were just happy to be able to spend some time getting to know the area, we took a stroll along the beach and then as the beach moves along into a harbour of sorts.

As the tide was coming in we slipped off the beach and back into the tiny cultured streets and managed to find some Roman baths which were quite a site to see hidden away down some steps between a shop and a restaurant.

You could take a load off those steaming feet, sit on the edge and put your feet in the cold soothing water it wasn’t long before you felt like you were walking on air with the sound of the sea lapping at the rocks only a few feet away took your mind else ware.

A short distance further and you are presented with an amazing view through an old archway looking out to sea which just shows you what there is to offer from a relatively small town area.

We wandered further and found the street we had attempted to drive down the night before with the glass wall and scratched our heads as to how we ever managed to get round there in the first place and decided lunch might be in order.

There is plenty to choose from in Cafalu and it wasn’t long before we stumbled upon a tiny restaurant at the side of a one way street with 4 tables for two people each on some Astroturf with the most smiley friendly lady we had met so far so we stopped there for some traditional pasta and a chin wag! It seems she quite liked us as rushed over to say hi each time we passed by.

Would you know it just round the corner was a massive old cathedral which was being restored to its original glory with a square in front with more restaurants.

It was a little expected as we had seen it on the map and headed that way but we never expected the sheer size and character of this place or the traditional covering of the shoulder for the ladies which gave the experience ever more meaning and respect.

We had a couple of days in Cefalu before we moved on but on the second day we got chatting to a guy selling the most amazing carved stones on one of the many market stalls. He had hand selected stones with recognisable features (not to the unknowing person off the street) and brought them to life in an awe-inspiring collection of necklaces and trinkets with faces, animals, stars, moons etc.

This was what he did to put a temporary room over his head, a meal in his belly and a beer in his hand! Good on him, we had to buy a few bits after spending a good half hour chatting to him what a nice guy and we wish him all the best as he travels about.

Interestingly we weren’t totally convinced with the safety of our car in the railway station car park. We wandered back there to check it out and was approached by a random local guy. The car park was free to park but he was asking for €2 for him to keep an eye on the car. With Sicily still maintaining some of the rumours of the Mafia history we felt that a friendly request for €2 Euros was a better option that saying no and turning up in the morning with no car!

That night we were on a bit of a hunt for a restaurant we had already heard of, you can sit right out the back on a terrace overlooking the sea splashing about the rocks and we managed to find it, great views, great ambiance, great food and great company. This was the perfect way to round off a stunning few days in Cafalu and even the random buskers that appeared in the restaurant half way through the meal didn’t put us off tooooo much!

2 good 2 bad in Cefalu

2 Good lessons learned in Cefalu
1) There are some great places to visit for free, The Roman Baths, the Cathedral, the Harbour

2) Locals can be a great source of information and can give you some insider tips so be friendly and speak to them where you can 

2 lessons learned in Cefalu
1) Life would have been much easier If we had a clearer route to the B&B the route we took on the way out would have been far easier to navigate and would have saved a lot of time and stress. Plan your route well and leave plenty of time to get there!

2) Budget for car parking, if you turn up and there isn’t some it could get expensive or become a hassle or again plan this when you are looking to book! (its all in the research)

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