Backpaking Australia – General info

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Backpacking Australia - General info

Backpaking Australia – General info


Country name – Australia

Population – 22,959,955 population increases by 1 person every 1:24

International Dialling code – 0061 Currency – AUD (Australian Dollar)

As you go through the rest of this page you you will find some of the answers to the most common questions you may have about Australia take a scroll through…

What is the capital?

Canberra – Follow the east coast west from Sydney and you should find it….

Where is it?

Australia’s landmass of 7,617,930 square kilometres (2,941,300 sq mi) is on the Indo-Australian Plate and surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans

Or if you spin the globe it is on the bottom right find Russia, follow it down through Asia. If you end up at New Zealand you have gone too far!

What is it like?

I have to say I loved this place, everywhere I went had something different to offer.

There were the Blue Mountains, white squeaky sandy beaches, surf, reefs, rain forests, amazing deserts and creatures.

People were friendly and helpful;

The climate was great as well you were literally happy to see a bit of rain now and again and when it rains boy does it rain!

The southern stars were also sight to see totally mad compared to what I am used to.

Cities were clean tidy and while they could be busy there was so much space not like the people dodging in London and the transport systems were reliable.

As I am sure you have heard the Auzzies can party too if that’s what you want.

There was always something going on if you wanted it for all ages, sexes, cultures and nationalities.

What is it known for?

Sydney harbour bridge, Sydney opera house, the Great Barrier Reef, BBQ’s, slang, Kangaroos and Koalas, The Melbourne cup, cricket, Auzzie rules football, boomerangs, Neighbours, home and away, Rolf Harris, Ayers Rock, Aboriginals , Fosters Larger (although eh local beers Carleton cold, VB and Tooheys are all much better than that shit)

Do they speak English?

Their main language is English

What is the culture like?

There is so much you could say about the Australian culture but isn’t it more interesting to see what the Australian people think of their people and culture?

Check out the official views…..

Australian Government Department of Foreign Affiars

Australia .com

There are some other more pressing matters to consider, check out some of my other posts giving you all the info you need and some you may not have thought about yet…

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