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Backpacking Australia - Travel

Backpacking Australia – Travel


How can I travel about Australia?

Well given the size of this fantastic country you will no doubt wonder how the hell you are going to get around.

As with most countries around the world there is a variety of options and what you choose will depend on several factors:

• Budget
• How long you have
• How far you want to travel

Further information around the main methods’ of transport is below:


Travel about Australia – Fly

It may sound pretty obvious buy flying has to be considered as a realistic option in Australia, if you are pushed for time and in some cases budget this could be the best way to cover large distances in a short time and at a potentially smaller cost.

The main domestic airlines in Australia

• Qantas,
• Jetstar,
• Virgin Blue,
• Rex – (Serves all state capital cities and regional centres)

Competition amongst domestic airlines means that great fares are available.

A number of the major airlines use Loyalty schemes and this could be time to see some of the benefit as domestic flights can be covered entirely by your loyalty miles and a great option to save money.

Check out some flight options on our flights page: Flights


Travel about Australia – Drive

While it may be a long old way between destinations driving has to be an option and particularly if you have the time to do it.

There are some truly amazing touring routes all around Australia which are supported by a large network of well-maintained roads and give you the opportunity to see Australia your way.

Some people will like to hire a car or camper and others may wish to buy and sell on later. There are the obvious things to consider with both options.

If you are to buy a car or camper you will have the initial outlay (a good idea is to depreciate the value over the amount of days you will be using it to work out the daily cost), the fuel and insurance cost and any maintenance or breakdown costs.

If you were to rent the overall all cost may be more but you will have less to worry about compared to the buying option and these points can be considered and negotiated at the time to see which works outs to be more valued to you.

How to buy

If you are looking to buy you have the usual options around where you can purchase the car / camper, local listing, garages, car at the side of the road but hostels are also a great way to identify a potential purchase and you may get a bargain if the owner has to leave in the next few days…

Renting a vehicle couldn’t be easier you can findCar Rentalcompanies at major airports, central city locations, travel agents, on the internet and at holiday resorts.

This all makes it very easy to hire a car, four wheel drive, caravans or motorbike and hit the highway. Some companies even allow you to return the car at your destination saving you to challenge of having to return.

N.b if you are looking to drive you should look into the driving laws etc of the country you are visiting and ensure you are insured, taxed and driving within those laws to avoid unnecessary complications

Bus / Coach

Travel about Australia – Bus/Coach

Coach and bus travel in Australia is widely available, comfortable, easy and economical.

Most of the coaches will have the usual features such as air conditioning, reading lights, adjustable seats and videos.

In the cities and between cities services are frequent, affordable and efficient.

Australia’s national coach operator, Greyhound, offer passes to fit every budget.

Due to the very well set up backpacking routes many of the Packages that are available to travellers to tour around the country will include travel options using greyhound, accommodation using the hostelling links and activities etc using affiliated companies.

Our travel shop is a great way to check out more authentic hop on hop off style travel via Loka travel but gives you soooo many other options for inclusive tours spanning the whole of Australia at a duration and budget to suit you.

We have yet to add our Greyhound products to the travel section for Australia but they are available to book if you prefer. We prefer Loka purely because of the unusual, authentic and fun off the beaten track experiences they offer.

Check out what is available and give us a shout if you have any questions.


Travel about Australia – Train

As with a lot of other countries around the world train travel is a convenient, affordable and scenic way to explore Australia.

There are Interstate and intra-state rail services which connect the cities and regional centres.

As I am sure you would expect there are a variety train packages available to travellers which can take you to your destination.

The more scenic cross-country routes can offer a unique insight into Australia’s size and diversity if you wish to travel away from the more conventional routes especially when added to a package.

Australia has a range of train passes which can be a great way to save money if you plan to see large sections of the country, city or to travel between common destinations.

Other considerations to save money and effort
Other considerations

This won’t suit everybody but just a couple of points for you to consider.

If you are driving to a destination on your own or with others why not put up a note in the hostel to see if you can fill the spare spaces in your vehicle; this way you have made a friend and saved some money.

On the flip side if you need to get somewhere and need some help check out the notice board you will be surprised by what you can find.

The same idea can work for accommodation.

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