When should I visit Thailand?

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When should I Visit Thailand

When should I visit Thailand?

Thailand - best time

The Best Time to Visit Thailand

Thailand is the ultimate place to experience the unique atmosphere of Asia and enjoy some of world’s most beautiful beaches.

The best thing about this exotic destination is the warm climate which is present throughout the year.

Destination can be key here so it is worth considering how the climate behaves throughout the year in the areas you would like to visit and this may require a little bit of planning before you leave.

There are 3 seasons in Thailand

Thailand sky

Hot (between March and May).

Rainy (between May and Oct),

Cool (between November and February)

While the hot and cool seasons are often predicted with great accuracy, the rainy season really puzzles meteorologists and its length varies depending on the location you visit.

Visit Thailand - The Hot Season

During the hot season which ranges between March and June high temperatures and regular rainfalls are quite common all over the country

The result is often almost unbearable with the heat and high levels of humidity especially in tourist hotspots like Bangkok.

While the weather all over the country remains pretty good this is the least popular time to visit Thailand as it can be incredibly uncomfortable to travel about.

If you do decide to visit in the hot season and you are intending to stay in hostels it is well worth paying a little more to upgrade from a room with a fan to one with aircon.

Also some offer a swimming pool on the roof which is a great feature and soooo refreshing after a tough night out!

Visit Thailand - The Rainy Season

Monsson season hits Thailand in the months between July and October.

This is known as the rainy season but this can be quite misleading really.

While you may be visiting in the rainy season because the weather in Thailand is pretty hot, if you can cope with the heat and high humidity you can still have great time during your stay.

Rainfall is never that predictable but in the rainy season’s rainfall is more common in the afternoon, that helps you plan a little bit but if it does come down you better find yourself a place to stay until the worst of it is over. May I suggest a pub?

I quite like a bit of rain myself, it reminds me of home, clears the air and you can feel the energy particularly in a thunder storm. Don’t let the rain put you off too much and think of the positive, it’s not as hot for a short amount of time.

For Thailand it is also interesting to mention that they have slightly different rainy seasons on each of their coasts.

If you plan your trip right you can steal few extra days of sunshine depending on where you are situated.

The shortest duration of the rainy season is along the Andaman coast.

When is the best time to visit Thailand - The Cool Season

In most areas of Thailand the duration of the cool season is from November until February.

This is when the peak of the tourist season is and even though this period is referred to as the cold season, many foreign tourists find the weather still pretty hot.

If you are looking for colder weather you may have to hit the mountains and the Northern regions of the country.

Most of the popular tourist hotspots such as Bangkok only really get cooler weather for between 2-3 weeks.

My favourite pic from Thailand peering through to the sea

My favourite pic from Thailand peering through to the sea

The best time to visit Thailand's Regions

Although,there are no rapid climate changes across Thailand, the different regions of the country tend to have slight variations.

If you are there for a while this doesn’t make such a difference but if it is a flying visit you may want to consider the region you visit to try to squeeze in an extra sunny day or two before the rainy seasons starts to flood the area.

Northern and Central Thailand

The climate in the northern and central regions of the country is quite similar and nearly all the months between November and May being really pleasant for tourists.

Central Thailand is probably hottest part of the country with temperatures between March and May regularly reaching 40 degrees. The temperatures here rarely drop even during the rainy season which starts in mid just with an average temperature of 31 degrees.

northern & central Thailand

The Northern part of Thailand on the other hand is where the weather is coolest between November and February with average temperatures of about 21 degrees. This sounds like a great time to visit Thailand if you ask me!

The lowest common temperature for the season is just 17 degrees, so make sure you bring a warm jacket if you visit the area during the cool season.

The Gulf of Thailand

The eastern coast of Thailand is home to some of world’s most beautiful beaches so if you want to have the ultimate hot getaway make sure you visit Thailand between April and May when the hot season reaches its peak.

In stark contrast, the rainy season in the gulf becomes really unpleasant in mid-August when the monsoon arrives reaching its peak during October or November.

If you want to see a vicious sea grinding away at the coastline now would be the time…

Andaman Sea

Andaman Sea

The best time to visit Phuket, Krabi or other tourist destination in the Andaman Sea is between November and March.

The cool wind during these months helps reduce the temperatures to an average of 29 degrees making the weather perfect for endless days at the beach.

The trouble with the climate in the Andaman Sea region however, is that the monsoon season starts in late May and lasts pretty much without much of a break until October.

This probably sounds worse than it is though as while the rainy season reaches its peak around September the rest of the time the rains often only lasts for a few hours in the afternoon.


The most pleasant time to visit Thailand is between November and February and during the cool season when temperatures are more comfortable yet often still reach 30

On the other hand if you plan to hit the beaches as soon you land and lay there until you have to fly home you may also consider visiting between March and May.

Don’t forget that rainy season is pretty unpredictable (especially in May) so there are still chances of the odd unpleasant surprise weather wise.

The best way to protect yourself against these harsh weather conditions is to get experts to organize your trip or consider buying a whole package. The Experience Backpacking Travel Shop is your number one stop for the best travel packages and special deals out there!

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