Plan & organise my Backpacking trip

Plan & Organise my backpacking trip

Plan & organise my Backpacking trip

November 30, 2013 2 Comments


How do I plan and organise my trip?

It is all about asking yourself the right questions, coming up with the answers, making the decisions and not being afraid to change your mind along the way.

There are all sorts of things you will consider when you are planning your trip but the things that are most important to you will probably change along the way.

If you are finding this is the case don’t worry it is quite ok and probably means you are on the right track.

Here are some of the main points for you to consider followed by some general info so you can try and work out what is more important to you as a person when it comes to planning your trip.

There are Various links to the planning parts of the webpage / site at the bottom of this page to help give you the skills and knowledge you will need and to help you consider some of the things you may not have thought about…

How do I plan my trip?

Well as they say it certainly is different strokes for different folks…

There are many different was to plan your trip as there a loads of different types of people but you are likely to fit into one of the three categories below:

Its all about working out who you are, what you want or need to accomplish from your trip and how you can plan things to make sure you do this.

The Extreme Planner

The extreme planner

Some people like to be meticulous and plan every aspect or element of their trip.

Work out a strict budget and time period for where they want to be at what time and what they want to be doing at that time etc etc.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach but in reality most of the time something will happen and you plans will change.

If this is how you prefer to plan your trip then you need to be aware of this and be able to adjust if necessary and remember just because you didn’t get to a certain point at certain time you have not let yourself or anyone else down that’s just part of travelling and you will adapt more and more throughout your trip.

The Free Spirit

The free spirit

Some people want to pack their bag, jump on a plane and see what happens when they get wherever.

They may just turn up at an airport and take the next plane.

This can be an exciting part of travelling as you never know what you are going to be doing next.

There are always upsides and downsides to travelling in this manner and you don’t want to turn up somewhere you know nothing about if there is potential for things to go wrong too easily.

Heeeeyy I don’t need to tell you this you already know this man..

Somewhere in between

Somewhere in-between

Somewhere in-between is usually the easiest option; you do a bit of planning, a bit of budgeting and a bit of turn up and see how it goes.

Some of the best things you see and do or discover when you are travelling are the things you had no idea existed or were possible.

If you have a flexible attitude you learn to love how things work out in the end you may even give up something you planned to do because you found something better to do instead.

Some people love this, its a great confidence booster and can be something you look back on as the key to thoroughly enjoying your experience.

A more controlled trip means you could miss out on all the extra trimmings

(unless you planned for them…

The way you plan your trip will determine the type of experience you will have so read through the below to see which category you are most likely to fit into and go with the flow.


There really is no right or wrong everyone will have their own individual way of considering and assessing the risks to determining how far out of their comfort zone they are willing to go.

The chances are you WILL change the way you feel about things while you continue your journey from the beginning to the middle and on to the end….interesting hey……

It is YOU taking YOUR trip of a lifetime and only you can make sure it will turn out to be the experience that you want it to be.

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This wont be an exhaustive list by any means!

You will find loads more helpful hints and tips throughout the site including info on VISA’s, Cash back on goods purchased, how to couch surf etc if you want to find out whats available click her to find the blog article contents….

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