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communications - keeping in touch

Communication – Keeping in touch

Communication This is going to be top of the list when you are travelling as you will want to keep in contact with family, friends and a lot of the people you meet along the way. Gone are the days when you would have to send a post card or letter and technology allows for …

Plan & Organise my backpacking trip

Plan & organise my Backpacking trip

How do I plan and organise my trip? It is all about asking yourself the right questions, coming up with the answers, making the decisions and not being afraid to change your mind along the way. There are all sorts of things you will consider when you are planning your trip but the things that …

How Can I save money

How can I save money Backpacking?

How can I spend less money each day? This post will give you some great tips on how a backpacker can save money on things like Transport, Accommodation and Food Save money on Transport If you are backpacking around you can always look to buy a bus or train pass; this can cheap and efficient …

Plan your Backpacking budget, experience

Budget for your Backpacking trip

A budget is basically a way to plan what you want to do and how you want to do it based on the money and other options you have at your disposal. How do I Budget for Backpacking? Budgeting is very important to any Backpacker as with out a guideline there are a number of …

tax back & Superannuation

Tax back & Superannuation Refunds

Tax back & Superannuation refunds Why pay income tax on your earnings when you work abroad When you don’t have to? If you have the opportunity to work while you are backpacking and decide to take it then assuming you have the correct VISA and are “on the books” then you will be paying income …