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10 Things You Need to Know Before Going to the Maldives

If you are going to the Maldives you may wish to know that the Maldives are the island republic situated on the coast of Indian Ocean, near Sri Lanka and India and previously called “The Maldive Islands.”

In this article, we will look at how much a holiday to the Maldives will likely cost you and also some important points to keep in mind before planning a tour to the place known as “The Earthy Heaven.”

The post has been created by a guest blogger called Jeremy Reynolds who really wanted to give you some awesome info about a place he loves.

Jeremy Raynolds is a blogger and freelance writer for whose lifestyle credo is “We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.”

Thanks Jeremy much appreciated; over to you…

Choosing a type of Island – going to the Maldives

When planning holidays in the Maldives you must bear in mind that the islands themselves are very diverse here.

There is an island which is an airport, the Capital Island, Islands-Resorts, Islands for native locals (which are not really adapted to influx of tourists), Desert Islands and even a Junk Island.

Desert islands can also be quite different and form a bird’s perspective, you can distinguish islands covered with deep forests as well as those which have 3-4 trees literally.

A lot of islands are circled with blue lagoons which make them similar to a pearl.

choosing a type of island - maldives

Ecological holiday – going to the Maldives

Ecologically clean rest with the cleanest warm Ocean and turquoise water.

The flora here is artificially grown so and if you are allergic – you can bravely choose Maldives at any season because there won’t be an unwelcome surprise in the form of some unexpected blooming.

The sand here is milled corals – that means fresh and comfortable space for walking – even in the hottest time of a day.

Everyday cloth (clothing) – going to the Maldives

If you prefer wearing high heels and fancy dresses – you won’t have a lot of opportunities to show them here.

Be ready for frequent transfers on boats and absence of asphalt almost at every island.

Bring some free and comfortable cloth and shoes – the “hippie” style or “casual” will be perfect here.

Islands for Locals – going to the Maldives

Inhabited islands are the places with local schools, hostels, shops and cafes.

As this is a Muslim country – be ready to keep to the rules or you may have to face the consequences.

For example, you are not allowed to visit any public beach in a swimsuit. There are however a lot of special zones for tourists. To avoid any kind of misunderstanding remember to find out if the beach you intend to visit is intended for locals or for tourists.

Living here is cheaper than on resort-islands, and prices will depend on the number of the guest-houses of the island and on a season – in a summer period you can find a room for two in a range of $30 to $100.

Island Resort – going to the Maldives

The island resorts are very variable. Some of them are for family rest, some have breakwaters for surfers or for a romantic honeymoon weekend.

Resort – is a hotel which is resided at a separate island and you can get there only buying a whole tour or a one-day excursion. The prices for tours vary.

If you pre-book, you can choose a 3,4 or 5 stars’ hotel in the summer time with a 50% sale if you time it right.

The package for children under 12 years are free – you only pay for a flight ticket.

If you wish to celebrate your wedding here – you can buy The Maldives honeymoon package. But note that the country is Muslim and if you wish to hold a wedding ceremony here – it will be only like a performance for bright memories.

maldives resort

Maldivian People – going to the Maldives

The local citizens are called Dhivehin which means ‘islanders” (from dheevu – “island”). Some of them never quit their native land. A lot of Dhevehins live a quiet life and don’t even know what the neighbouring island looks like.

The transfer price – going to the Maldives

Before choosing your destination pay attention to the prices for transfers from the airport and between islands as these cqn vary considerably.

Some transfers can be more expensive than living on an island for several nights.

For example, taking a hydroplane will cost you $500/an hour and taking a lifeboat – $300/an hour.

The cheapest way to get to a needed place is a float-boat – about $1 depending on the distance.

Maldives’ food – going to the Maldives

If you are on an island-resort – it is probably better to take a full-boarded meal option. It costs around $25 per person minimum.

If you take a one-day excursion to an island resort and don’t want to spend much money on a meal take something with you as there are no shops here.

On the Inhabited islands it won’t surprise you that there is a great variety of the dishes, they will be cheap (about 7$ per person) and very spicy.

The Maldives is the heaven of fruits – coconuts, bananas, and papayas here are extremely accessible here.

“Career” for “locals.” – going to the Maldives

People born here are considered to be the happiest and the most relaxed people in the world.

Some of them make their living just by feeding fishes in the pools around the territory of the hotel or decorating the bed of the guest with the roses.

The most important occupation here is removing coconuts from palms as a coconut falling from the high height may cause someone’s death and the locals treat this issue very seriously.

Undersea World – going to the Maldives

Visiting the Maldives’s as a tourist is perfect for a totally relaxing vacation – absolutely clean water, charming gardens and few people on the territory.

Of course, you may have heard a lot about Maldives undersea world with vibrant coral reefs and millions of fish species.

Don’t miss a chance to dine in the underwater restaurant or to ride on a glass-bottom boat ride!

maldives coral

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