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Trek kit list

December 4, 2018 0 Comments

Here are my ideas for a Trek kit list

The last trek i went on was for 8 days to the below and my Trek kit list is below the pics.

Trekking in Peru - Choquequirao

Trekking in Peru - Salkantay

Item Reason / Description
Base Layer
Trek t-shirt
Trek l/s t-shirt
Trek trousers
Trek shorts
Fleece layer
Outer jacket
Rain Poncho
Sun hat
Sun Glasses
Head lamp
Walking poles
Hiking boots
Chill out shoes
Blister socks
Back/Day pack
Rain cover
Water bottles
Isotonic powder
Sleeping mat
Sleeping bag liner
Ear Plugs
Inflatable pillow
Swim suit
Trekking towel
Sun Cream
Insect repellent
Wet wipes
Dry plastic bags
Blister plasters
First Aid kit
Bog Roll
Pen Knife
Power Bank
Fire stick
Lightweight base layer – thermals at night or for early starts when it is cold.
Short sleeve – breathable light weight, quick drying polyester, merino or nylon – layering is key
Long sleeve – breathable light weight, quick drying polyester, merino or nylon – Layering is key
Light, comfortable & durable possibly able to separate into shorts
Light, comfortable & durable
keep warm and stove off the wind mid-weight
Water proof / wind resistant shell jacket
A Cheap waterproof Rain Poncho is great for showers
Light weight, neck cover or neckachief – a got an awesome leather cowboy style hat!! Yee ha!
Warm hat for the evening when temperatures may drop
Got my Oakleys – polarised for the mountain sun.
For those sketchy late finishes or the random wee in the night!
Hands free torch,very useful..
Lightweight, waterproof for night when its cold or to stop sore hands on the poles
Essential, adjustable poles, short going up long going down! Save some energy..
Get the best quality & comfort you can afford, your feet are everything when hiking, take care of them!
Get out of the boots for the evening you will really appreciate the change
Buy the best you can afford like with the boots! Merino wool or breathable (go thicker if it is cold)
I got some of these inner sock socks, they were great and I was blister free for my last 8 day trek.
Get size(s) that you can manage comfortably and try to take only items you need.
Usually 30-35L if you have support from porters / mule.
For you mail rucksack, make sure you have dry kit available even in the rain.
1L each or hydration bladder, usually you need a minimum of 2L of water, bare in mind 2l = 2kg
For mixing with water – great for essential vitamins and minerals – energy plus taste
if you can fit it in take an Insulated sleeping mat to keep the cold off you and add some comfort.
If you hire a sleeping bag this is a must as the hire companies certainly don’t wash them enough.. Gross
A Peaceful nights sleep can be a life saver, rest and recover without listening to your mate snore!
I forgot mine so used a jumper but hey, could be a great addition?!? Thoughts??
you may find a hot spring, lake or river to cool of and relax in on the way or just go au-natuaral..
These are great, quick drying, light and compact..
Sweat resistant sun cream is pricey but important when active in the mountains where the sun is strong
Another must, nothing worse than getting bitten or infection especially around the ankles and knees..
Refreshing cleanliness in a packet, great when you are conserving water or get a bit grubby
passport, phone, power bank, saved by dry bag in the rain..
If you don’t fancy blister socks, these can be amazing when you already have a blister on the way..
Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, anti sickness for altitude.
Hopefully you will never need it but you will not regret it that one time you do need it.
If you can find space I recommend 2 energy bars each day – not milk based, nuts & not salty
If you are in the middle of the jungle or up in the mountains chances are there isn’t a toilet
For tipping guides, small purchases and emergencies
Come on, how could you be without this (Or the phone camera)
Handy for all sorts of situations
Handy to keep the phone charged for a few days wen you have not access to electricity.
If you get disorientated and stuck somewhere overnight you may need a fire to survive, rubbing sticks wont cut it!

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Choquequirao Trail Day 2

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