Must book Tours in New Zealand – North Island

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5 must book tours new zealand - north island

Must book Tours in New Zealand – North Island

5 Must book Tours in New Zealand – North Island

Hi guys, I am sure you have loads of ideas yourself so it would be great to hear from you if you do but here is our top 5 must book tours in New Zealand – North Island.

Lets get to it!

In no particular order

1) Zorb, Raft and Luge – 5 Must book Tours in New Zealand – North Island

5 must book tours new zealand - north island

No trip to the North Island would be complete without a bit of crazyness and fun. Check out this tour Zorb, Raft and Luge

You may be forced to go to Rotorua but lets face it you were heading there anyway and with deals from $153 surely you would be crazy not to have a go? Do I spy a bargain?!?

Zorbing will certainly get the blood racing as you go bouncing off down the slopes in a big inflatable ball, lucky Ronaldo isn’t sending you down as the way he spins the ball you may not be able to stand up again for a while!

Rafting has to be one of the most exhilarating experiences you can soak up in any country, bouncing down the rapids in a big old inflatable raft down some crazy river is top of the list in my view.

Then put your skills to the test steering a luge against your mates for the ultimate bragging rights… HAS TO BE BOOKED!

Fancy a different combo? Check out all the options here!!

2) Waitomo Caves – 5 Must book Tours in New Zealand – North Island

Another awesome must book tours, here we take you to the Waitomo caves.

If getting underground and exploring is your thing you have to be all over this one..and if you haven’t tried before then this is a great place to start.

Not only do you get to see the usual formations created by dripping water, the stalagmites and stalactites but you get to experience a whole new world lit by the majestic glow worms.

5must book tours new zealand - north island

The Waitomo glowworm, Arachnocampa luminosa, is unique to New Zealand. Thousands of these tiny creatures radiate their unmistakable luminescent light while you make your way through Caves’ exploring their historical and geological significance.

Most tours include a boat trip and they start at around $48. Do it, book now

3) The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings – 5 Must book Tours in New Zealand – North Island

What trip to the North island would be complete without our next must book tours in New Zealand..

You must have seen the movies by now but if you haven’t, where have you been??

5 must book tours new zealand - north island

So many of the awe-inspiring scenes become the backdrop in these truly amazing movies which were filmed in New Zealand.

You have a unique opportunity to venture back to Middle Earth, head to Hobbiton and check out the shire, get behind the scenes of the movie set, travel to Isengard or take to the skies to get the Ariel view of middle earth from a different approach.

We have load of tours and combos available to give you that fix you have been craving.

Click the link and get something booked up my precious…

4) Skydive over Lake Taupo – 5 Must book Tours in New Zealand – North Island

Well it may or may not be your thing, you may not even think you have it in you to do it but do it you should!!

I have to say that after doing a bunjee jump in Auckland I was a little less worried about doing a skydive than I may have been before..

Skydiving has to be one of the best things I have ever done in my life and I have to admit I have done some pretty amazing things.

There is something mind bending and surreal about leaping from a plane thousands of feet above the ground but that is what makes it so special.

You really cant recreate the feeling that you have when you are floating through the air.

Yes that’s right, I said floating…

5 must book tours new zealand - north island

I did a tandem jump as there is no way I could bring myself to jump otherwise, the build up in the plane with a few friends and the instructors is great banta and is an experience in itself.

A bit of nervous small talk, chillin with some amazing views in a type of plane you probably wont get into very often and before you know it your up..

The door is open, your feet hanging outside the plane door and your instructor jumps over you and out you go.

It is a bit mental for a few seconds as you are falling rapidly to terminal velocity.

Before you have even had time to think you feel like you are laying on your front on a massive cushion with some bloke strapped to your back.

Some of you may be familiar with this pose but for me it was highly unusual and unexpected.

The next minute and a half (Again a few of you may relate haha) you float about like this pulling lots of funny poses and playing with the rushing air all around you.

Next thing you know your feet fly upwards as the chute opens and you dangle you way down to the ground hoping it isnt you that stacks it this time.

Absolutely brilliant experience. Everyone who was scared out of their minds cant help but smile, laugh and kiss the ground after a safe landing.

If you are like me and add on the movie option you can relive this amazing experience over and over again and show off to your mates..

Get it done!

There are loads of options but I had to pick one, its a decent price for a must do activity click here

Fancy somewhere else in the North Island? Try here

South Island my be your thing try here

Sandboarding & 90 Mile Beach – 5 Must book Tours in New Zealand – North Island

This just looks sooo awesome to me, I haven’t been sandboarding yet but love Snowboarding so surely this is going to be brilliant..

It is on the must book tour list as when I get back over to the North Island this is something I simply must do.

5 must book tours new zealand - north island
90 Mile beach in itself is as it says 90 miles long.

When you arrive you can just see the beach going on endlessly in each direction (depending on where you stop) the interesting thing is reading the information boards that warn you about just how crazy that part of the coastline can be.

Loads of 4×4’s and other vehicles have been lost to the sea and in front of you all you can see the waves crashing and dragging along the beach.

Looks like fun but I wouldn’t take a dip if I was you.

Combining the 2 activities and possibly making it up to the most northerly point of NZ surely has to be a must, Cape Reinga is well worth a visit on a nice day so hell book me up!

We have a tour perfect for you Click here to check it out and if you get a chance why not check out the bay of islands.

Everything you need is just here

So here you have our top 5 tour picks in the NZ North Island.

There is loads of stuff we could mention, the mad stuff going on in Rotorua is just one example but we cant add them all. If you are interested click here and see some of the other points of interest in the North or click here if you want to see what some of the other popular activities in NZ are..

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