How do I Get a Cheap Flight?

Cheap flights

How do I Get a Cheap Flight?

February 23, 2016 0 Comments

When is a great time to get a cheap flight around the world?

Cheap flights

The answer is RIGHT NOW!

It has become pretty simple for us all to travel about the world and at a pretty fast pace these days thanks to a constant evolution in aeroplane technologies. This gives us all a great opportunity to travel the world.

Flight times are pretty standard and often depend on how directly you wish to travel; the same can be said about the ticket prices!

If you have travelled to some of the more remote destinations you already know how expensive flight tickets can be but you also probably know that there are some good ways to find yourself a deal.

And so the all-important question….

How do I get a cheap flights around the world?

As you search the web you will see loads of options, companies wanting to sell you all sorts of flight and package deals.

It is important to remember that most of these companies are simply working for a commission and they are all pretty much selling the same flights although airlines may vary dependant on the deals the company can get.

Here are some tips and suggestions for you to consider:

The usual’s

    1. Book early


    1. Be flexible with your dates


    1. Fly to a less common airport in the same area


    1. Book a flexible RTW ticket


    Book on Boxing Day – this is rumoured to be the cheapest day of the year to book

cheap flights rtw

Get a cheap flight package (RWT ticket)

Being a backpacker you will probably want an open ended ticket which will take you to all the main places you want to go, that are flexible (meaning you can change the in and out dates) and not too expensive.

Usually open ended tickets last for up to 12 months and will probably cost you less than buying a ticket to the furthest destination on your list while allowing you to stop in multiple destinations in your itinerary.

There are plenty of ways for you to get a good deal and save money

Some Round the world tickets options

· Travel Bag
· STA Travel – great student travel option but also good for non-student flights
· Trail finders – Bit pricey

All these companies are really helpful so phone them for great and free advice & book via the cheapest company (naughty aren’t I)

Something a little different but well worth a go:

· Airtreks – give them them your itinerary and they will find the cheapest flight options for you + include travel insurance for you

cheap flights internal or to one destination

Get a cheap flight internally or to one destination

Booking single flights will cost you.

In Canada for example internal flights are expensive meaning they are not always the best option and this is becoming a factor in Australia too.

Cheap internal flights used to help tourists reach the more remote parts of the country but as the cost of these flights go up these remote areas really suffer.

To travel to a single destination check out some of the following:

· Skyscanner – my top recommendation great deals & an email price change notification option – very handy
· Flight Centre – I used these guys for multiple Aus flights & NZ they guarantee lowest price so worth a go
· Kayak Travel – Again some great prices come through here
· Ryan Air- Europe – Cheap and cheerful, watch out for baggage costs
· Canadian Affair – great for travel to and from Canada check it out
· Momondo – a bit of an all-rounder in my opinion

So this isn’t a bad start but there are some other ways to save yourself some money!

airline alliances pic

Get a cheap flight by Airline Alliances

If you plan on booking all your flights with a particular company or affiliated companies then Airline Alliances could be a great option for you.

These alliances offer the option to get a cheap flight to frequent flyers which can result in upgrades, discounts and even the holy grail; free flights etc.

If you are a frequent flyer and you play your cards right you could easily plan a trip around the world on a reasonable budget.

Some Airline Alliances that include multiple airlines often only cover certain countries or cities in their itineraries and this means that you have less flexibility on destination as you will be restricted to areas where services are provided by one or more of their members.

It doesn’t hurt to check out your options but if you are planning an extended trip and intend to visit multiple cities around the world the costs could quickly pile up using this kind of strategy.

If budget is less of an issue it is more likely that you will book cheaper flights in the long run. You can collect some extra air miles in your frequent traveller’s account meaning you could be eligible for even greater discounts!

Check out Star Alliance and Oneworld to see if these options would benefit you then compare to those already mentioned above as they are likely to be cheaper even if you miss out on the frequent flyer points.

With Star Alliance the more miles you travel the cheaper the flights become.

Oneworld offers two types of reward mileage or segment based tickets. These allow you a bit more flexibility when planning your trip.
Ticket Brokers

As we mentioned above the internet is filled with ticket brokers. Many of these will offer great deals for flights, hotels etc.

Using ticket brokers will not only mean that could pay a bit more in commissions for cheaper flights but you will also lose out on any frequent flyer benefits offered by the airlines as the brokers often use multiple companies that have no partnership with each other.

On the up side many ticket brokers offer expert consultation and great deal of flexibility so if you are planning a more complicated trip around the world this may be the most feasible option and worth that commission charge particularly if it is a great deal.

Get a cheap flight as part of a Pre-planned Packages

Local and national travel agencies as well as the web offer pre-planned packages to everyone who feels too busy to do everything themselves.

All you need to do is call or visit an office of the agency to get all details on the latest offers.

The more of a budget you have the more flexibility you are likely to enjoy, buying your ticket is one of the most important parts of your trip so don’t try to cheap out too much or you may regret it later on.

You can usually get a decent deal with multiple stops in multiple countries for around £1,300 with a yearlong open ended ticket.

Some tickets will go by mileage, some by the number of stops, some by direction and some by the number of countries.

Think about the direction and why you want to take that route. We have loads of info to help you on this in the planning your trip section so make sure you check that out first.

It may sound like a no brainer but take some precautions when buying pre-planned travel packages and double-check the reputation of the travel agency you selected to avoid disappointment or being stuck with no way to get home.

Get a cheap flight & Do it yourself (DIY)

Finally, if you know your way around the internet why not plan the ultimate trip around the world without even leaving your home.

You will probably waste a lot of time during the research and preparation stages but if you are highly determined you will most likely exceed your expectations without breaking your budget.

As an experienced RTW traveller I highly recommend you look at value, service, experience and most importantly consider your gut feeling when booking your flights, if it don’t feel right it probably won’t be worth the risk.

The best deals on airline tickets are usually available between 4 and 6 months prior to the departure date as they want to get the flights filled or last minute on unpopular routes as they want to finish filling the fight. Really the sooner you get them booked the more like you will be to save!

You can also check out some expert travel tips at Experience Backpacking or drop by our travel shop for some amazing savings!

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